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Pool Pride of America

Pride of America has a pool and five hot tubs. You can order a drink and hang in the hot tub or go for a dip in the pool, which was on the cool side. I like a pool on the cool side when it’s really hot out but I did hear a few complaints about it.

The hot tubs were very popular and sitting in one sipping a cocktail is a lovely way to spend a late afternoon. Until you over hear two older gentlemen drinking beer, sitting in the hot tub laughing about how much they love that they can just chill in the pool, drink beer and not have to leave. The other joked it was so convenient and if you didn’t get what he meant he pretended to pee while sitting and then laughed his head off.

The other then added that the bubbles were actually caused by his farts.


So I stayed away from that hot tub for the whole trip. They were always in that hot tub. YUCK. I was not the only one who would avoid that hot tub, often when the two drunks weren’t in it it was empty. I am fully aware that this could happen in any hot tub but I can live in denial with the other hot tubs, with that one I was 100% sure it had been peed in.

When I saw them wandering around deck guess what shirt one was wearing, not a big surprise.

Guess What Shirt

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