More Roses!

On Friday I posted a picture of a peppermint rose which was my favourite of the roses at the lavender farm. There were many more beautiful roses and here are a few more of them, looking at them cheer me up on a cold day.

Love the orange and coral ones, so pretty:

Orange Rose Coral Rose White Rose Yellow Rose

White Flowers Are Out!

It rained today but was kind enough to stop for my walk home. I love the smell after rain and especially at this time of the year when the trees are starting to flower. Right now the white flowers are out, smelling amazing. They lift my mood as I walk and I can see the buds on the pink trees almost ready to come out and then the lilacs will come.

I love the smell of lilacs and am eagerly anticipating them. I love the honey suckles as well. So fresh and pretty I can’t wait. Even my dog will stop to smell the honey suckles.

For now though I’m really happy that the white flowers are here.

So pretty:

Kingsley Likes Ice Cream

I Don’t Think He Believes Me

Kingsley Hates The Snow

Kingsley Remembering

Kingsley Yawning

Mr. Kingsley