An Amazing View!

Favourite Banff Photo

My favourite photo from my trip to the top of Sulphur Mountain, the conditions on that day could not have been more perfect!

Galapagos Sunset


Another Beautiful Galapagos View

Sea Shot Galapagos

Beautiful Galapagos!

Beautiful Galapagos

Galapagos View

Odds and ends for the end of the week.

Here are a few pictures of the view from the Tortoise sanctuary, the Galapagos Island San Cristobal is just beautiful.

Here is a lizard:

And to end the week a lone bird:

La Casa Sol And A Wonderful Waiter

It was another lovely hotel and my room was lovely. Meeting up with Carole I said how happy I was and that I had a t.v., Carole didn’t have a t.v. in her room but felt better when I told her the next day that there were very few channels and the reception sucked.

There was a beautiful view from the room:

Fun artwork around the hotel:

When we headed down for dinner there was nobody around and we weren’t sure if we should seat ourselves or not. Eventually we did and were handed a menu in spanish. Neither of us speaks spanish very well. The chef, who was a very pleasant young man, came over to our table and spoke almost no english. The conversation between Carole and him was a lesson in patience on both sides. Carole was trying to speak in spanish and the chef was trying to speak in english. At the end both were visibly happy with the effort they had made, after all this is how you learn a language by using it in an everyday situation.

We had the chicken soup which was so good. Ecuador does soup really well, I ate a lot of soup while I was there.

Budapest Castle

Views From The Castle

Széchenyi Chain Bridge Budapest

This was my favourite bridge in Budapest, I love the lions. The veiw from the bridge is beautiful as well. Budapest is a beautiful city.