This little guy was chatting at me while I was outside today.

I don’t know if he was asking for peanuts or giving me advice or taking over the nagging from my Mother. Mom is on vacation and I’m enjoying some quiet time while she’s gone. It’s good living with Mom but after living on my own for so long having anybody around is tiring. I often need to remind myself to not be such a biatch to my mother. I get snippy, my patience wears thin and of course since it’s my Mom I take everything she says ten times more personally than I probably should.

We’ve adjusted though and are getting along quite well, we’ve worked out some of the bigger issues that came up when I first move in. Like toast crumbs on the counter, hers not mine. I hate crumbs on a counter and I don’t think she even realized that she was leaving them behind every morning. What ┬áis nice though is to be able to have a glass of red wine without the judgey look. Mom swears it’s not a judgey look but it looks judgemental to me. Especially two glasses in . . . .

Now I’m enjoying the time alone and loving my glass of red wine in the evening.

Tijuana Welcome

LUE 2014

When I arrived in Tijuana for my Taco and Tequila tour I was greeted by a big smile from LUE. He is a shepherd – greyhound cross and has one of the sweetest temperaments I have ever seen in a dog. So well behaved and he followed me everywhere. Having lost my own dog last year seeing LUE was just what I needed along with the sun and seeing my good friend again. LUE also slept with me every night and I enjoyed the company.

You hear so many stories about Tijuana but where we were is so nice. It’s just a suburb with people living their lives in a beautiful location. Their place is right on the ocean and there is a pool area to lounge in over looking the ocean. I could sit out there with my buddy LUE for days (and I did). Just listening to the ocean talking and laughing with the neighbours and feeling so welcome. It’s amazing that I returned home. To go outside without eight layers on was such a welcome change.

It was the perfect break to debate the next step in my life, sometimes you need to step out of your everyday life to figure things out. While I don’t have all the details worked out the sun and fun in Tijuana certainly helped.

Basset Weekend!

Kingsley home 2

This is the first time I’ve seen Kingsley in three weeks. After the trip to Iceland I had to wait another week for my weekend to see the dog. I share him, my ex and I have a custody agreement about the dog. The arrangement has worked out really well for six years.

When Kingsley arrived he was aloof and stand-offish, I started to wonder if he had heard about the dog I met in Iceland. The CUTEST, SWEETEST little Icelandic sheepdog. So my boy was giving me the cold shoulder.

Kingsley home 1

Then we talked about it and I assured him that he was still my number one, I think he was listening.

Kingsley home 3

I gave him a chew stick, his favourite. He got distracted trying to hide it and forgot about being mad at me.

Kingsley home 4

He tried out several hiding places.

Kingsley home 6

Kingsley home 5

By the end of the night everything was back to normal.

Kingsley excitement

I think he was excited to see me again…… Basset excitement is the best, very subtle but the best.

Banff Upper Hot Springs

While in Banff I stopped at the Upper Hot Springs and was glad I did!
Upper Hot Spring Sign

I had heard that it was closed but on the beautiful sunny day that I arrived, it was open. It is so nice to sit in a hot pool, relax and take in the beautiful views. It was a great end to my wonderful few days in Banff. A much needed break that gave me time to think, clear my head and make a difficult decision. More on that tomorrow.

Today I’ll just imagine sitting in a wonderful pool, enjoying the sun and preparing to take a huge step towards changing my life.
Upper Hot Spring

Vacation Cereal!


This is a picture of one of the cereal’s available on the Galapagos cruise.

Just looking at it makes me smile. First sugar cereals always have cute boxes and second sugar cereals always remind me of vacation. When I was growing up we weren’t allowed to have any sugar cereals until we went of vacation. Then if we were staying somewhere with a kitchen we were allowed to choose one box. Often Captain Crunch with crunchberries because they weren’t available in Canada.

It was an exciting time going to the supermarket knowing that we would get CEREAL! We were so easy to please and would practically hug the box all the way back to the hotel.

After a long day and being tired from trying to figure out how to transition into the next phase of my life a box of cereal can still make me smile.

Perhaps I’m still easy to please.

South West Coast Path 2014

South West Coast Path Book

I ordered the guide book after talking about it with my Mom.

The South West Coast Path is 630 miles around the south west coast of England. The standard suggested itinerary would take fifty-two days. The scenery would be spectacular, the experience I can only imagine would be life changing. How I don’t know…. but can you walk 630 miles and not be changed by the experience?

The start is in Minehead and then ou walk from small town to small town, staying in B&Bs or small hotels until you get to Poole. This trip like Iceland it has a pull, not just a “I would like to do that” but a pull that is demanding attention. A feeling that this is something I am suppose to do.

I’m already making up excuses to only do a portion, to cut it short but then a feeling that it’s the whole path that is calling returns. It would be next year that I would like to do it. I would have a year to plan, where, when and how. How do I get two months off work, who looks after my home for two months, how do I afford all my expenses for two months back home and while on the trail.

The more I dabble with the planning, the more I see that it can be done but it will take a leap of faith that everything will work out. I think we all need to take a leap every now and then. Upon my return from Iceland I will start to put my plans down on paper and next year I hope to be heading off for fifty-two days of hiking.


Iceland Book
I have booked my next trip……Iceland!

I’ve wanted to go ever since a friend who reads a lot of Iceland crime thrillers wanted to do a layover on our way to Ireland three years ago (has it been three years????). That didn’t work out but it stuck with me. The more I read about it, the more pictures I saw, the more I wanted to go.

Many other trips are still on the list but Iceland kept calling, kept bumping itself up to the top of the list, every time I thought a different trip would win out Iceland would bully itself up to the front of the line again. I would see something on the tv or read see a magazine cover and again I would be reminded of Iceland. With such persistence it seems that Iceland is the one. I wanted to go last year but left it too late, this year it’s booked, I’m going. The others will have to wait.

With my life being settled but not exactly as I would like, a trip to a far away place to see some amazing scenery should clear my head. Perhaps in Iceland I will start to form a plan of my next steps, figure out which way to go and how long the journey will be. Transition takes time and patience but once you find the path at least you know you’re on your way.

It’s what I love about travel, it always seems to open up possibilities beyond the trip.

Also I get to go to the Blue Lagoon and several other hot springs as well along the tour. I love a hot spring and I can’t wait to go and soak in the Blue Lagoon and forget about everything back home, if only for a little while.


I haven’t posted these pictures from my trip to the Galapagos last year and I think they are perfect for a Friday!

Penguins 2 Penguins 1

I love penguins, who doesn’t love penguins??????