Blue Balls With Banana

Monkey With Blue Balls

I call this one Blue Balls With Banana.

He’s a Vervet Monkey and his balls really are that blue. He was a pushy little guy and stole that banana from a couple of other smaller monkeys and then hissed at any monkey that dared to come close.

This little guy waited patiently until he thought no one was looking to steal the coffee mug.
Clepto monke

He drank the last few drops and then abandoned the cup but if you find yourself around Vervet monkeys, watch your stuff as they are sneaky little buggers that like to get into everything.

This one probably wants a cup to go with the tea bag.
Tea packet monkey

This little guy seemed to be contemplating going for a swim.
Pool monkey

There was also a mom and baby that seemed to want to stay out of the shenanigans of all the others.
mom and baby monkey

People Are Easier To Capture Than Birds


While on the bird walk at Lake Bunyonyi I kinda gave up on the birds. Getting a good bird photo can be very difficult. So I started taking photos of the passing people.

I really want to learn to carry stuff on my head, it seems so efficient.


A man with his goat.


Motorcycle with umbrella!


Ladies walking.


Man sitting.


I think I prefer the people to the birds……..

Simon’s New Dress!


Along our journey in Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda we ran into the above family walking. The lady was lovely and encouraged us to take photos. Again there is the baby tied to the back, happily hanging out. Seriously I think this is the trick to not having a screaming child.


She also had a little daughter ….. oh wait, NO! It’s not a daughter it’s Simon her son. He likes to wear a dress, finds it comfortable. With clothes in short supply Simon ended up with a dress somehow and he prefers the dress to pants.

Helen who was in our group got to try the look out on herself.


Then Simon got a new dress, which he really liked. Something I noticed was that the clothing people donate often tends to be clothing for little girls, more than for the boys. Shopping for girls is so fun, all the frills and cute dresses but if you are going to donate clothes please remember there are little boys as well.


They were a lovely family and Simon although shy loved to see the photos many of us had taken, after chatting and posing the family went merrily on their way.

Birds Watching at Lake Bunyoni


After Rwanda our next stop on the tour was Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda.

Lake Bunyonyi is known for it’s abundance of bird life. Over three hundred species apparently. Our first morning there we went for a bird watching walk first thing in the morning. I was tired and kept staring at the birds but forgetting to take pictures.

Then when I would try to get a picture often the bird would move, birds can be incredibly frustrating to photograph. STOP MOVING!!!!

As soon as you put your camera down the little sucker will fly down and pose perfectly on a branch right in front of you, every time. I swear.

I did manage to get some good pictures and still have some pictures that I’m playing “Where’s Waldo?” with. I know I took the picture for a reason, I know there is probably a bird somewhere in the frame but I can’t find it…….

Here are ones with the birds easy to spot, as the trip went on I got better with my camera. Landscape, no problem. People, no problem. Birds and animals that won’t stop moving around to give me time to figure out how to focus, that took a little more practice.



Worst Date Ever

Oh you think you’ve had bad dates? Try pretending to be a serious journalist to capture the heart of the glorious peace keeper, setting a date to meet in Uganda and then he doesn’t show up. That happened to Jane Bussman. A comedy  writer, celebrity interviewer and suddenly news journalist?

While being very insightful and providing a lot of information about the war in Uganda and also Joseph Kony it is still a funny read. Really. It begins with her life interviewing celebrities, which after reading this you’ll never read a celebrity interview the same way again. Then she meets an attractive peace keeper and devises a plan to meet up with him in Uganda as a serious journalist.

He doesn’t show but she stays and actually does the research and poking around ending up with a very compelling expose on what is happening, only nobody wants the story.

It’s well worth reading as part expose on war, part behind the scenes to celebrity interviews, part real life Bridget Jones.