Luther Burbank Park

Luther Burbank Park - Beach

The weather in Seattle was beautiful and we spent one afternoon at Luther Burbank Park. It’s on Mercer Island and it’s worth the trip. As you can see above there are beaches and lovely walking trails.

Luther Burbank Park

There is a large fenced in off leash dog area and a beach the seemed to be just for dogs. Many swimming and splashing around having the time of their life. It’s a great park to spend a sunny afternoon.

When we were leaving we came across a sculpture called “The Source”.

Luther Burbank Park - Sculpture

I don’t know, it was weird. It looks like something used for sacrifices. Really. It has the rock as you can see and there is a drain in the rock that then allows the liquid to flow in a circle away from the stone. Very strange and kinda creepy. Also the long shadows are me and my friends staring at it going….. WTF?

The 5 Point Cafe

The 5 Point Cafe

While in Seattle we went to The 5 Point Cafe for dinner. My friend Cathleen had been there before and loved it. On the recommendation we went to the place that boasts “Alcoholics serving alcoholics since 1929″. Sounded like my kind of place.

As an added bonus it was a stone’s throw from where I was staying, very easy to find, close to the Space Needle. It was wonderful, the staff was friendly and patient with us as we perused the menu, there are so many choices and the food arrived fresh and hot. I got the Turkey Melt which was delicious. The turkey was roasted in house and so good, not dry at all. The blueberry pancakes were a big hit with our group and the mac and cheese was also a favourite. The menu is large and anybody should be able to find something they want The 5 Point Cafe Menu. Also take the time to read the “Warning”, “Be nice to our staff” and “We can throw you out” blurbs on the menu.

The juke box in the corner is packed full of great songs and customers happily kept plugging quarters in to play songs. It’s a great little place and I’ll definitely go back for the food and the atmosphere.

Also there is a “Cock on duty”:

Cock on duty


Space Needle

I went to Seattle for a weekend to visit a friend who recently moved there. It’s a pretty quick trip from Nanaimo and I hadn’t been to Seattle in a long time. Arriving I had to find my way to the Space Needle which turned out to be incredibly easy. A train that is easy to find from the airport that takes you all the way downtown and then a quick walk over to the monorail that drops you off right at the Space Needle. I had the Simpson’s monorail song going through my head as I boarded the monorail, do you remember that episode? Classic.

The day I arrived was also the day of a big football game so the train was full of football fans all excited and pumped up. Many all dressed up and ready to party. The trip started off on a high note and just got better.

Very easy and it was easy to find my friend Carrie as well, she was the one wandering around with the indigo hair and the nervous white dog. It was a beautiful day and Carrie lives close to the Space Needle which made it super easy for me to wander around on my own when she had to work.

We went for dinner at a wonderful little Mexican place but was hard to talk and catch up as the football game was on and Seattle was winning so we finally gave up, drank our Sangria’s and yelled “Yeah!” at the appropriate times.

There was even a rainbow there to greet me:

Space Needle Seattle

Kid’s Don’t Float


I don’t know why this makes me laugh but it does.

Is the Dolphin giving a safety tip or giving you a hint on how to deal with unruly kids or passing on information he just learned after taking a child’s life jacket from him?

“Hey guys did you know that KID’S DON’T FLOAT????”

That dolphin looks like he’s laughing about it.

Anchor By The Dumpster


I walk by the above anchor quite often.

It says “Recovered Off Yacht Club Float, 1997, Likely US Navy Circa 1940″

The stone seems like an after thought. I wonder was the dumpster already there when it was dropped in that spot? It reminds me of the televisions or couches that you see by dumpsters sometimes, left in the hope that they will be taken away.

Perhaps the Anchor was dropped by the dumpster and it being too heavy for the garbage men to take they just decided to give it a plaque instead?

The thing is really big:


Also if it was the US Navy that left it behind, wouldn’t they have noticed? Wouldn’t they have missed it? An anchor seems to me like a pretty important part of a ship. Maybe somebody had a few too many and forgot to retrieve it or broke the chain it was attached to and the next day the finger pointing started. “It was there when I went off shift, wasn’t me …… Johnson must have lost it…. ”

Strange, I’ll be pondering that for a few days.



Yesterday I was walking along and was a little lost.

It happens to me a lot, I have the worst sense of direction and that coupled with often thinking that I know where I’m going I get a little off track occasionally. I was walking to a friends house and thought I knew the way. If I just kept Departure Bay in sight and kept walking in the right direction surely I would arrive where I needed to be.

I had printed off a map and the route was an easy one but I thought that it would be nicer to walk through the neighbourhoods instead of up the dusty busy road. At one point I ended up along the beach, which worked out and then had to cut back up into a neighbourhood. Suddenly I had no idea which way was which.

It was as I stood pondering which way to go that I came across the little bunny in the above photo. We had a lovely conversation, I took a picture and then the bunny was on his way. He seemed to know where he was going. Do bunnies ever get lost?

I eventually pulled out my phone to get back on track. Not as off course as I thought I was. Thank goodness for google maps as I was wrong in my estimation of which way I should go. For such a small place Nanaimo is surprisingly easy to get lost in. The roads sometimes change names, the roads curve and turn until you’re not quite sure what direction you are now heading. Sometimes though you find a surprise, I’ve found a candy store, a book store, a lovely park and now a bunny by taking the wrong way. Sometimes lost works out.

By the time I got back out to the road I caught the bus the rest of the way as I was running late. Getting lost is always best to do when you have lots of time.