Sea Lions! Or maybe just rocks…….

Jökulsárlón Boat 9

While on the boat we were about to turn around and head back when Kat, my wonderful, wonderful roommate, said “Sea Lions!”

Nathan our guide said he didn’t think so but Kat was adamant. I must say that Kat has extraordinary sight and sees things others miss often. Which is awesome. I couldn’t see them but if you’ve travelled with me you know if you point something out to me it suddenly becomes invisible. What, where? I don’t see it?

Nathan got the boat captain to turn the boat to go see the sea lions. As we got closer we could see something. Was it? Could it be? It was possible we had seen one go under the bridge as we drove into the Jökulsárlón parking lot. How cool to see two chilling on an iceberg!

Then we realized, not sea lions. Rocks. Two big black rocks chilling on an iceberg.

For the rest of the tour I would often point at a big black rock and yell “Sea Lion!”

Kat would then hit me and tell me to shut up…. but giggle a little as well. It was funny and Nathan and the boat captain were wonderful for even trying to get us close to the sea lions.

Nathan Our Wonderful Host Jökulsárlón Boat

Jökulsárlón Boat 10

On the boat we had Nathan as our guide. He spoke about the icebergs, whey they are blue. Something to do with the the way the light refracts through the ice.

Also how pure the ice is and how clear, he explained all this while hugging a huge block of ice. He was very passionate about the ice. He also explained the about the wildlife in the area, including sea lions!

Then he offered everybody a small chunk of pure ice. It was just like a chunk of ice but I couldn’t refuse from such a handsome enthusiastic guide.

Jökulsárlón Boat 7

Where are the dogs?

Icelandic Sheepdog

We had been on our tour for about four or five days when I asked “Where are the dogs?”

“What?” answered our guide.

“Where are the dogs?”, I asked again. “This is the perfect place for dogs, wide open fields, fresh air, lots of space. I’m just surprised we haven’t seen more dogs. There were a few dogs at the one farm but other than that I haven’t really seen any”.

I was assured that there were dogs and we would see some that night at the Guesthouse and after getting past the creepy Raven at the reception desk (see yesterday’s post) I discovered these two out back.
Icelandic Sheepdog and lab

She was older and allowed to wander around, taunting the young pup in the back who was on a leash.

These were her other friends, they wandered around keeping an eye on everything. My first meeting with the Icelandic sheepdog. Lovely dogs and if I could I would have taken one home with me. After this I started seeing more and more dogs and felt much better.
Iceland dogs


Welcome Guesthouse
This is how we were welcomed outside one of our guesthouses.

Cute right? Also there was this cute little couple to greet us as well.
Painted Rock Couple

It all looks good and welcoming, can’t wait to go in and meet the lovely people inside.

Once inside this is what greets you at the reception desk, SQUAWK!

I thought it was hilarious but it really creeped a few in our group out.

Petra’s Stone Museum Painted Rocks And Such

Gnome Icelend
I loved the Gnome peaking through the leaves.

All over the garden there are painted rocks, other little statues and it just adds to the delight of the place. So if you find yourself in Iceland Petra’s Stone Museum is definitely worth the trip!
Cats Heads Iceland Painted Stone Face Painted Stone Man

Whale bones, they are MASSIVE.
Whale Bones

Wooden sheep in the grass.
Dog Statue