This Is How I Feel Today

Stormy Hawaii

Still Hawaii, a black and white shot from the boat.

Is it a storm coming in or just leaving? Are the clouds coming or going?

There is something happening but the light is still coming through. I can see the light….. I think. It’s been a long week with work being super busy and a bit of the unknown. A meeting tomorrow with my boss, concerning some performance issues from the beginning of last year. At the beginning of last year I fell apart and I can’t believe we’re still talking about it.

Also had a session with Rita, a 3 in 1 practitioner who I call my counsellor. Found at the beginning of the year and she has been such a great help to me. Such a contrast to the first counsellor I sought out many years ago, there is a story I’ll tell one day. Slowly I’m understanding so much of what motivates me and what holds me back. More importantly I’m learning why. Today was a lot to take in, it is a process and now I’m feeling like I’m getting somewhere. I’m feeling drained, still processing everything that we covered.

Also it must be something in the air because I know another who is having a hard time. All things will pass, they will get better, I believe.

I also believe this time next week I will be in San Diego soaking up the sun, today just a memory.