For You Joanne…….

creepy doll

My friend Joanne hates creepy dolls and well I think the above is one of the most disturbing dolls I have ever seen.

The Spooked in Seattle store also had a cabinet of other creepy dolls, if Joanne had been with me she may have left the premises:


Also an infant in a coffin (WTF???):

infant coffin

Very strange place but totally worth a visit if you’re in Seattle, they do ghost tours and also beneath the street tours. You can find them here Spooked In Seattle

Seattle Underground Tour


It’s an interesting tour and there are a few companies that do them. I went with Spooked In Seattle. I would recommend them not only for the tour but for looking around their shop.

My memory being not totally reliable and full of holes in the story I was told about the Seattle Underground, here is a link to the full story Seattle Underground.

On the tour you see the corridors underground, what once were outside walls:


Also if you walk over these in Seattle:


They are for letting light into the corridor below:


It was a really interesting tour and only takes up an hour of your time.

Beneath The Streets

Lady Coffin

I did a beneath the streets tour in Seattle. It started from Spooked In Seattle, they also do ghost tours and it’s an odd little shop. I booked myself on the afternoon beneath the streets tour and then had time to wander around the little store and look around the strange place.

There is the above coffin with a lady in it but what is odd is she has chicken feet hands, not sure what that’s about:

Chicken hand

There are skeletons everywhere:


Including the bathroom:

skeleton toilet paper holder

There are also books some on ghost stories of Seattle, self guided walking tours of spooky locations. There is art work and handmade dolls. It’s an interesting little place and if you go for the Beneath the Streets tour go early so that you can have a look around.

Fuck Yeah Bingo!


On my last night in Seattle we went to the Highline to play “Fuck Yeah Bingo”

It was great fun. The majority of the games are free, they announce the game and the winner gets to pick from an assortment of knick knacks as their prize. There were also a few games that cost a dollar. The winning amount for these games varies by the number of players.

The wonderful thing at the Highline though was the food. I was starving by the time I got there and the looking at the menu it becomes clear very quickly that all the food is vegan. They were out of a few of the options we chose and in the end we ended up with The Flipper tacos, soy battered and a slaw and Baja sauce, they were good but the favourite hands down were the Satan Fingers. Seitan strips breaded and fried like chicken strips, they were SO GOOD. I’m not a vegan but I am looking forward to going back to the Highline to try more of the food!

For a peek at their menu look here Highline menu.

The Highline is located at 210 Broadway E. Seattle.

Unicorn Balls!


My friend took me to one of her favourite places in Seattle, The Unicorn!
Located 1118 E Pike Street

It’s a fun place, brightly coloured, good music, good food and great staff. Everybody is very friendly. There are stripes on the walls along with lots of animal heads.

Unicorn Bar


There are lots of fun things on the menu, it made me giggle.

Wondering what to drink? How about “Unicorn Jizz” or “My Little Pony” or a “Gavin Macleod” there is something for everyone.

Unicorn Menu

The food also has a good variety, would you like some “Unicorn Balls”? (thumbs up, very good my favourite, they were sort of pork fritters) or some “Narwhal Balls”? (thumbs up, also very good, they were cheesy potato fritters) We also had the “Unicorn Dog” and it was really good, thumbs up for the corn dogs!

Unicorn Food

For more information and to learn what “Unicorn Jizz” or “Unicorn Balls” are here is the Unicorn Menu. Thumbs up I loved this place.

Saturn Swimming

Saturn Swimming

At Luther Burbank Park my friends had a mission on the day we went.

Teach Saturn how to swim! Saturn is my friends shepherd cross and she’s a beautiful girl. My friend just moved to Seattle a few months ago. She’s a little shy but Seattle seems to have been really good for her, she has really come out of her shell and is doing well. She even let me pet her, which she would never allow before.

Since being in Seattle she has loved the beach, likes to go splash in the water but she doesn’t swim. On this day she was carried out and while still holding her Saturn began to learn how to swim.

Saturn Beach

She did really well, a little nervous but as she got the hang of it she seemed to relax into it. By the end she was swimming but when she had enough she came out and let us know. There was no way she was going back in.

Saturn Bushes Saturn

Luther Burbank Park

Luther Burbank Park - Beach

The weather in Seattle was beautiful and we spent one afternoon at Luther Burbank Park. It’s on Mercer Island and it’s worth the trip. As you can see above there are beaches and lovely walking trails.

Luther Burbank Park

There is a large fenced in off leash dog area and a beach the seemed to be just for dogs. Many swimming and splashing around having the time of their life. It’s a great park to spend a sunny afternoon.

When we were leaving we came across a sculpture called “The Source”.

Luther Burbank Park - Sculpture

I don’t know, it was weird. It looks like something used for sacrifices. Really. It has the rock as you can see and there is a drain in the rock that then allows the liquid to flow in a circle away from the stone. Very strange and kinda creepy. Also the long shadows are me and my friends staring at it going….. WTF?

Pink Elephant!

The pink elephant made me smile every time I saw it in Seattle, which was often. It was only blocks away from where I was staying.

Do I need to say anymore? I think the elephant speaks for itself.