This is Lue!

He was rescued by my friends, well by my girlfriend. She went to a shelter just to look (never a good idea) and he chose her. Pretty much yelling HEY YOU! YES YOU! I BELONG WITH YOU! She couldn’t leave him behind and so left with him that day hoping that her husband would be okay with it. He was. LUE is happily settled into his new home and totally has the house trained.

He is such a loveable wonderful happy boy and watching him run along the beach, playing in the surf is such a joy!

My name is Claire and I am a dog whore. It’s a problem. I get puppy envy all the time, I hug strange dogs and can’t stop myself form rubbing a dogs belly at every opportunity. LUE gave me my fill of hugs and belly rubs, he’s only a year old but is so well behaved. Wonder if he could come visit and teach my basset Kingsley some manners.


I find seaweed fascinating. The seaweed washed up on Imperial Beach was pretty big which leads me to wonder how big is the plant it came from?

The round ball filled with water was surprisingly sturdy and I just really like the way it looks.
Seaweed 2 Seaweed 3

This one is ummm…… probably the most obscene looking piece of seaweed I have ever seen:
Seaweed 1

Morning Walk

After the yoga conference we headed to Imperial Beach to hang out with friends there.

My friend that I went to the yoga conference with and my friend that we stayed with in Imperial Beach we all met in Grade 7. We’ve known each other a long time and get us all together and it’s a girly gabfest gong show. So much fun and is there any better way to catch up than a lovely long walk on the beach in the morning?

My friend in Imperial Beach also married a wonderful man who is the best host ever!

The beach is just a few blocks from their house and this is how I would like to start every day:

Imperial Beach 6 Imperial Beach 5 Imperial Beach 4 Imperial Beach 3 Imperial Beach 2 Imperial Beach 1

Angus The Skateboarding Bulldog!

Walking along the boardwalk in San Diego we discovered Angus the skateboarding bulldog!

He was so cute and pretty amazing. Seemed to be having so much fun scooting back and forth, he is much more talented on a skateboard than I am, my balance is total crap. There was time in between scoots for a belly rub, Angus was a sweetheart! He left a smile on our face for the rest of the day!
Angus Bulldog 4 Angus Bulldog 2 Angus Bulldog 3 Angus Bulldog 5 Angus Bulldog 1

Warm Buns!

We found a great little bakery for breakfast in Mission Beach, which is pretty easy because there are so many good breakfast lunch places close to the Catamaran Hotel.

This one had BIG warm Cinnamon Bun’s! It was my wonderful friend’s b-day and this is how we started the day, walking down in the sunshine to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Thoughts of snow and cold well behind us.

The cute little cafe (if you look closely you can see my extremely white Canadian winter legs reflected in the window):

Baked Cafe

Warm cinnamon bun with LOTS of icing and a latte (which comes with two chocolate covered espresso beans!):

Cinnamon Bun

So good and gave us the energy we needed for a lovely long walk along the beach and some shopping at a little market. Where my friend picked up the cutest striped shirt as a birthday present for herself, those are usually the best!

Then for lunch we went to a little taco stand for some outstanding fish tacos. So good! Also returned to have a beef burrito and again for chili rellenos. It was pretty much right next to the hotel, really good and cheap!

Taco Shop

Free Queen!

It’s Friday! Thank Goodness!

Yesterday I slipped on ice and fell into a car splitting my chin, now I have an Indian Jones style cut on my chin, wonder if it will scar? If it does I’ll have to come up with a cooler story than slipping and falling into a car. The good news is I believe I will live.

To cheer me up and perhaps give you a Friday chuckle I present my BFF showing everybody what you can find on the streets of San Diego.

I think the jokes write themselves……

Free Queen

(If you, yes you, would like your picture taken down I will remove the post immediately and apologize in advance)


Yesterday I showed the parrots and today we have DUCKS!

I love ducks, a friend once gave me a pair of duck earrings that I loved and another friend gave me a duck ring. I don’t have them anymore they were stolen from me. Who steals duck jewellery??? (bastards that’s who)

I also had a duck picture above my bed for a long time that was a duck in a sun chair with a drink in his hand and a bullet hole above his head. The picture was called “Sitting Duck” and it still hangs in my old room in my Mom’s house.

Anyway whenever I see ducks they make me happy. The Catamaran had really pretty ducks, just wandering around enjoying the water and the sun. Walking to yoga every morning they made me happy, a wonderful way to start the day!
Ducks 1 Ducks 2 Ducks 3 Ducks 4


What else what at the Catamaran Resort other than turtles and fish?


There were four of them and one talked, I’m not sure if they all did and three were just shy that day but as we walked by we heard “Hello”. They were delightful to watch and talk to, so beautiful. There was also a very chatty cockatiel but I didn’t get a picture, I must have been too busy listening to him say his name (which I’ve forgotten because I am a terrible blogger). Will have to go back for more pictures and to learn all their names, that can be my punishment!

Parrot 4 Parrot 3 Parrot 2 Parrot 1
Parrot 5