This little guy was chatting at me while I was outside today.

I don’t know if he was asking for peanuts or giving me advice or taking over the nagging from my Mother. Mom is on vacation and I’m enjoying some quiet time while she’s gone. It’s good living with Mom but after living on my own for so long having anybody around is tiring. I often need to remind myself to not be such a biatch to my mother. I get snippy, my patience wears thin and of course since it’s my Mom I take everything she says ten times more personally than I probably should.

We’ve adjusted though and are getting along quite well, we’ve worked out some of the bigger issues that came up when I first move in. Like toast crumbs on the counter, hers not mine. I hate crumbs on a counter and I don’t think she even realized that she was leaving them behind every morning. What  is nice though is to be able to have a glass of red wine without the judgey look. Mom swears it’s not a judgey look but it looks judgemental to me. Especially two glasses in . . . .

Now I’m enjoying the time alone and loving my glass of red wine in the evening.

Arriving At The Ship

After spending a lovely day in Honolulu we headed off to the Pride of America, the ship that would be my home for the next week.


Mom and I were actually getting along! Once I had adjusted to travelling with the hard of hearing who don’t think they are hard of hearing and stopped the eye rolling, things got a lot better. Also there is the promise of red wine on the ship! YAY Red Wine!

The Ship has several restaurants, bars, a swimming pool, hot tubs but no casino. That’s right the Pride of America does not have a casino. Gambling is illegal in Hawaii and since the ship only travels within Hawaiian waters there is no gambling allowed. That’s okay though red wine is allowed, have I mentioned that?

There are line ups to get to line ups when getting on the ship. The first line ends with you getting a lei and then being directed to the next line to check in. It actually moves pretty quick considering there are over a thousand people checking in the same day.

Our room was the simple two beds, small couch and a balcony.


I totally recommend a room with a balcony if you can get one, it is nice to have a quiet spot to sit and watch the beautiful scenery go by.

Red Wine

One of the great things about having Becca visit from London is I get to enjoy a glass of red wine without feeling like a crazy alcoholic Basset Lady (the dog can be very judgemental).

Over the years I’ve had quite a relationship with red wine. We’ve had some very good times and stayed up way too late together. We’ve had a great time on a weeknight, leaving me berating it the next day. I’ve had so much fun on a weekend and then not talked to it for weeks or months, needing a break from the relationship. Oh red wine you can be a handful.

It lures you in and then slams you in the head the next day. Yet I always go back. Oh long lost friend how have you been???

This time Becca and I were good, we enjoyed a few glasses each night but didn’t go over board. The first night we had two bottles one with a cork that took us FOREVER to get out. I couldn’t open it so Becca tried and she had difficulty as well. This made me feel better as she has tennis arms and can usually open a bottle of red like nobody’s business! It was due in large part to the fact that I don’t have a good corkscrew. Apparently this is what Becca will be getting me for Christmas.

So the next night after a lovely dinner we stopped to get a bottle of wine for the evening. Red wine goes hand in hand with good girl gab and she was finally opening up a bit more about her new guy. Who sounds like an amazingly nice, thoughtful, fun, charming fellow!

The only requirements for the wine were it must be red and it must be a twist cap. We didn’t want a half hour struggle to get to the good stuff. So in the liquor store we perused the aisle looking for a cute label (we get sucked in by cute labels), red and twist. The guy working was looking at us like we were idiots, we’re used to this. Mission accomplished we took our new friend home where we enjoyed a lovely evening chatting and laughing.

With the very judgemental basset looking on with a disapproving look. I swear he actually shook his head at us.

Finishing Up New Year’s Eve

After the church we went to a Salvador Dali exhibition. It was wonderful and had pieces from his “Alice in Wonderland” drawings, “Tristan and Iseult” series and also a few sculptures. We spent a good hour wandering through the small exhibit and who doesn’t love Dali?

From Dali back to the hotel to get ourselves cleaned up for New Year’s Eve. We were going to a friend of Mel’s called Mikko and it was a lot of fun. Mikko was a great host, there was a wonderful group of people. There was good food, a raspberry tart that was to die for! AND of course red wine, I believe a good time was had by all!

Rebecca and Mel certainly look like they are having fun:

I wish I could remember what everybody is looking at but I don’t so I keep making up new stories…. feel free to add your own caption:

The plan had been to go to the Eiffel Tower for midnight but we were having fun and we lost track of time. In the end meeting people and having fun trumped the tower and we did make it to the tower the next day so all was not lost!

Christmas Cheer!

The good stuff, the Christmas cheer:

  1. Eggnog and spiced rum – I love eggnog and my ass shows it at this time of year.
  2. Baileys – Any excuse to drink Baileys, in coffee, over ice, with a straw I love it!
  3. Peppermint Martini – Cool minty goodness!
  4. RED WINE – For all occasions, goes with everything and we usually stop speaking at least once a year (but we always make up).
  5. Hot Chocolate – Preferably with marshmallow on a cold day drinking it while walking along looking at Christmas lights!


Thank you so much for all your kind comments and support!