Hot Air Balloon Over Masai Mara


It was near the end of my trip that I took a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara in Kenya.

It was one of my favourite parts of the trip, to see the sunrise over the Masai Mara from the balloon was incredible. It makes one feel like anything is possible.

When I’m having a tiring day and I’m not sure what to do and am frustrated by life I often look at this picture and remember all the possibilities.

What Next?


I haven’t posted in awhile and I feel it’s time to get back at it.

I’ve been working but my six month term ends the end of this week. Now I’m back to what next? This has really been what’s taken over my thoughts for the last few months of the year. The good news is that I have choices, there are several paths I could take but which one?

I could sell everything and travel. Awesome! How awesome would that be? The problem is what comes after the money runs out? I feel I need a better plan. There is also the possibility of moving somewhere warmer and avoiding another Calgary winter, very appealing but where? What do I do when I get there? I could even go back to school but for what?

I have possibilities flying around in my head and am now resigned to just getting through the next week. Then I am going to visit a friend in Mexico! There I can step back from my life and take a look at it. I find that often when we’re living in the familiar, everyday routine, it’s hard to get the big picture. Going to Mexico for a week I am hoping for a revelation or a good dose of common sense. Either way we hope to come home with a more concrete plan.

Life is full of possibilities and keeping an eye out for opportunity. In the next few weeks that is what I will be doing. Thinking of possibilities and looking for opportunities, who knows what could pop up when actually paying attention and not just walking along grumbling about the weather.

Change, even good change is stressful and thinking of making a big change is scary but what is the alternative? I’m not so sure I like the status quo and if I don’t make a leap now then I probably won’t. The plan now is to instigate change but also to know what I’m leaping towards. That is the answer I’m hoping to find. Perhaps the universe will throw me a bone and give me a clue as to the path I should take.