Luther Burbank Park

Luther Burbank Park - Beach

The weather in Seattle was beautiful and we spent one afternoon at Luther Burbank Park. It’s on Mercer Island and it’s worth the trip. As you can see above there are beaches and lovely walking trails.

Luther Burbank Park

There is a large fenced in off leash dog area and a beach the seemed to be just for dogs. Many swimming and splashing around having the time of their life. It’s a great park to spend a sunny afternoon.

When we were leaving we came across a sculpture called “The Source”.

Luther Burbank Park - Sculpture

I don’t know, it was weird. It looks like something used for sacrifices. Really. It has the rock as you can see and there is a drain in the rock that then allows the liquid to flow in a circle away from the stone. Very strange and kinda creepy. Also the long shadows are me and my friends staring at it going….. WTF?

The Eggs of Merry Bay

Eggs of Merry Bay 1

These are 34 eggs created by Icelandic sculptor Sigurður Guðmundsson in Djupivogur village at Gleðivík otherwise known as Merry Bay. The eggs are each from a species found in the area, 34 in all and each just a little different.

They line the perimeter of the bay.
Eggs of Merry Bay 4

The whole effect is quite beautiful and they are also wonderful to touch.
Eggs of Merry Bay 6 Eggs of Merry Bay 5 Eggs of Merry Bay 2 Eggs of Merry Bay 3

The Comfort Of Moss

Moss Iceland 1

Moss covers so much of Iceland. It makes for a beautiful landscape, incredibly surreal.
Moss Iceland 2

I took photo after photo because I just loved it.
Moss Iceland 3 Moss Iceland 4

Then I laid down on it. It is so comfortable! It’s like memory foam, I almost didn’t get back up. If you are looking for a place to put your weary head and have a lovely nap (probably with the sound of a waterfall in the background) Iceland is the place to go.
Moss Iceland 5

Sólheimajökull Glacier

Sólheimajökull Glacier 10
Sólheimajökull Glacier 7

That is the snout or tongue of the Sólheimajökull Glacier. The actual glacier is massive and from this point of view you can only see a small tip of it. You can do hikes with guides out onto the glacier and next time I go to Iceland I’m totally going to do one. It’s a crazy landscape and it’s hard to get the perspective of how big it is.

Here is a picture with people that give you some idea:
Sólheimajökull Glacier 11

There are crevices that look blue and that’s volcanic ash and not dirt making the glacier look dirty.
Sólheimajökull Glacier 1 Sólheimajökull Glacier 2 Sólheimajökull Glacier 5 Sólheimajökull Glacier 6

Also big rocks left behind as it melted:
Sólheimajökull Glacier 3 Sólheimajökull Glacier 9
Sólheimajökull Glacier 4

Countryside Iceland

Scenery Iceland 3

Today it’s just some beautiful photos of the countryside in Iceland.
Scenery Iceland 1 Scenery Iceland 2

Here is Eyjafjallajökull volcano the one that caused all the problems in 2010. Yes it created havoc with air travel but it also creates havoc by causing lots of flooding. The eruption causes the glacier to melt and the run off creates all sorts of problems.
 Eyjafjallajökull Iceland

A Turkey!
Turkey Iceland

Ducks Iceland

Horseback Riding In Iceland

Horse Riding Iceland 1

Iceland horses are so adorable. On the small side with their long manes and friendly ways it was love at first site.

They also seem to love each other:
Horse Riding Iceland 2

We went for an hour long trail ride where the scenery was unbelievable. Eyjafjallajökull (pronounced “Ay-uh-fyat-luh-YOE-kuutl-uh”) in the distance, it’s the volcano the caused all those problems with air traffic in 2010. Now it looks beautiful and you can also see a bit of the glacier. 
Horse Riding Iceland 3 Eyjafjallajökull Iceland

I got to ride Sausalito, she was lovely! A little head strong and stubborn, so a bit like the rider.
Horse Riding Iceland 4

We went through lush fields:
Horse Riding Iceland 5

Along a well worn path:
Horse Riding Iceland 7

Through a river:
Horse Riding Iceland 6

Here I am on her (very long shadows in Iceland):
Shadow Iceland

Definitely want to return and do it all again!

Skogar Museum

Skogar Museum 1

Well I thought I had more pictures of the Skogar museum. I remember walking through the different sections and listening to the lecture from the lovely Museum lady. There are three parts basically first the household stuff, some very beautiful embroidered clothing, head pieces, carved bowls and spoons (was sure I took a picture but it was just before lunch and apparently I forget to take photos when hungry). The second part is farming and has many of the old tools and such they used and the third is fishing. All very interesting to look at and made much more interesting by our guide.

It was started by Þórður Tómasson and people started bringing stuff to him for the Museum. This seems to be a common theme in Iceland, somebody starts a collection and then people start contributing and pretty soon you have a museum!

After a run through the museum we had lunch and then went outside to look at the various examples of Iceland farmhouses. Like the picture above. Small is how I would describe all of them, not a wasted inch in any of them. I loved them.

Skogar Museum 3 Skogar Museum 2

Skogar Museum 4 Skogar Museum 5 Skogar Museum 6 Skogar Museum 7 Skogar Museum 8 Skogar Museum 9

And there is also a cute little school house, I love the old leather satchels:

Skogar Museum 10

Skogar Museum 11

Skogar Museum 12

Basset Waddle!

Basset Waddle 2013

That’s a picture of Kingsley doing his basset sprint, you can tell the speed he’s going by his jowls flapping.

I was suppose to write about the Skogar Museum today but it can wait.

Today we are going to talk about the Basset Waddle! An annual even that brings bassets from all over Calgary together and all proceeds go to the Basset Hound Rescue. It’s an overload of cuteness, so many bassets all hanging out, waddling around together.

Basset Waddle 2013

Kingsley went with his good friend Owen, such handsome boys:

Basset Waddle 2013 Basset Waddle 2013

The crime fighting duo:

Basset Waddle 2013

It was a fun day filled with basset races, prizes for the longest ears, best waddle, oldest basset, youngest basset, shortest basset, it was a really fun day. Kingsley had a lot of fun but finally gave me the look that let me know it was time to go home.

Basset Waddle 2013

He was one tuckered pup when we got home and spent the rest of the evening napping, he only got up in time to go to bed:

Sleeping Basset

We will definitely be going again next year!