The evening at the Strathmore rodeo ended with chuckwagons!

I have mixed feeling about them. They are really exciting to watch and the horses are amazing. The sound of chuckwagons racing by and the thundering hoofs is awesome. The problem I have is that I was at the Calgary Stampede years ago when a chuckwagon race went wrong and when a chuckwagon race goes wrong it is horrible. I now get super nervous watching a race.

Thankfully on this day everything went right. The horses were fine, there were no accidents and just good racing.

All in all a very entertaining day and I would go to the Strathmore rodeo again!

Astronomical Clock Prague

With so many things to love in Prague it would be hard to pick a favourite.

The Astronomical Clock though is one of the most amazing, beautiful things I’ve ever seen. If you find yourself in Prague definitely go and see it. Don’t just go between the hours, go and hang out and wait for it to strike an hour. You will be rewarded with a small movement from the clock, chiming and trumpet players and figurines moving. It’s a joy to watch.

For more information on the Astronomical Clock click here.