Tijuana Welcome

LUE 2014

When I arrived in Tijuana for my Taco and Tequila tour I was greeted by a big smile from LUE. He is a shepherd – greyhound cross and has one of the sweetest temperaments I have ever seen in a dog. So well behaved and he followed me everywhere. Having lost my own dog last year seeing LUE was just what I needed along with the sun and seeing my good friend again. LUE also slept with me every night and I enjoyed the company.

You hear so many stories about Tijuana but where we were is so nice. It’s just a suburb with people living their lives in a beautiful location. Their place is right on the ocean and there is a pool area to lounge in over looking the ocean. I could sit out there with my buddy LUE for days (and I did). Just listening to the ocean talking and laughing with the neighbours and feeling so welcome. It’s amazing that I returned home. To go outside without eight layers on was such a welcome change.

It was the perfect break to debate the next step in my life, sometimes you need to step out of your everyday life to figure things out. While I don’t have all the details worked out the sun and fun in Tijuana certainly helped.

Power Of Water At Dettifoss


Just a photo of the water falling. It is one of my favourite photo’s from an amazing trip. The is just the fall part of Dettifoss, it kind of gives you an idea of the power of the fall. It is by volume the largest in Europe.

Dettifoss Again


This is a photo of the top of Dettifoss just before it crashes over the edge.

It’s so beautiful and it goes from really calm to starting to churn, seeming to pick up speed before it turns into a big churning mass of water crashing down. Amazing and it was definitely one of the top highlights of my trip, in a trip that was full of highlights.




The mother of all the waterfalls we saw. By volume of water it is the largest in Europe and the sound of the crashing water is unbelievable.

It’s a formidable site and I’m not sure the photo’s do it justice for it’s size and strength. It is MASSIVE and really beautiful in a way that is different from the tall waterfalls and the pretty smaller ones. It’s beauty is in just the sheer volume and power of the water.

We stood and watched it for ages it’s very mesmerizing to watch and the sound is oddly calming.


Petra’s Stone Museum Painted Rocks And Such

Gnome Icelend
I loved the Gnome peaking through the leaves.

All over the garden there are painted rocks, other little statues and it just adds to the delight of the place. So if you find yourself in Iceland Petra’s Stone Museum is definitely worth the trip!
Cats Heads Iceland Painted Stone Face Painted Stone Man

Whale bones, they are MASSIVE.
Whale Bones

Wooden sheep in the grass.
Dog Statue

Petra’s Stone Museum Flowers

Petra Stone Museum

That’s Petra in her garden, made by a local sculptor.

Besides the stones all over the place at the stone museum, there are beautiful flowers everywhere. The garden is so well tended and there are little seats all over for you to sit on and just enjoy the wonderful gem of a place!

Petra Flowers 8 Petra Flowers 1 Petra Flowers 4 Petra Flowers 3 Petra Flowers 2 Petra Flowers 5 Petra Flowers 6 Petra Flowers 7

Petra’s Stone Museum

Petra Stone Museum
That is a little stone statue made in Petra’s likeness. Petra Sveinsdóttir really liked collecting stones.

The stone museum was her house where she lived from 1946 to a few years ago when she passed away. She collected rocks all her life but really started the collection when she moved into this house with her husband as she then had somewhere to store them. There are rows upon rows upon rows of rocks. Big ones, little ones, all different colours of stones. To see them all together is quite remarkable and it was obviously a passion for her.

People would also bring rocks to her to add to her collection. I didn’t think it would be so interesting but I was wrong, the gardens, the house, the little gift shop was all so charming. By the time I left it had been one of my favourite stops on the tour.

Petra Stone Museum 3
Petra Stone Museum 2 Petra Stone Museum 5 Petra Stone Museum 7 Petra Stone Museum 6

Horses….. Good For The Soul

Carrie and Tic Tac
That is my friend Carrie and her horse Tic Tac. I got to meet Tic Tac for the first time on Sunday and what a sweet horse. Having just lost my dog, my Kingsley too soon (in my eyes too soon) a day spent with some horses was perfect.

Tic Tac is very huggable and was great support. I felt great after getting to know Tic Tac by brushing her, giving her some crab apples and her letting me give her a big hug.

I also met Dude who kept sneaking up behind me to snuffle my hair. Must have really liked the smell of my conditioner. He’s a big boy but so stealth, I often didn’t know he was there until I felt hot breath on my neck and his nose in my hair. I think he got his name because people kept asking “DUDE what are you doing?” Not really but that would be funny. He was lovely and I gave him a hug as well.

Also met these beauties, I can’t remember their names because I’m a bad person.
Horse Horse

All I have to say is that if you need some cheering up and some love find a horse to hug, works like a charm.