People Are Easier To Capture Than Birds


While on the bird walk at Lake Bunyonyi I kinda gave up on the birds. Getting a good bird photo can be very difficult. So I started taking photos of the passing people.

I really want to learn to carry stuff on my head, it seems so efficient.


A man with his goat.


Motorcycle with umbrella!


Ladies walking.


Man sitting.


I think I prefer the people to the birds……..

A Stroll Through Paris

Walking through Paris you see a lot of great people. Some very stylish and dressed in a way that is so well put together without looking like it was an effort. This lady I loved, she had full make-up, hair done up in a bun, I love the shoes and matching bag, the shawl over the coat. The ankle nylons are just the icing on the cake for me. Love it! Also she was carrying on a full conversation with her dog. This is how I would like to be when I get to her age.

I stopped to get a picture of a sculpture in a park and suddenly heard a GROAN…. then an AHHHHHH…..

Good lord what was that? It was the sound of effort and almost obscene. It also kept going GROAN…… AHHHHHHH…….. pause……. GROAN……. AHHHHHH…… pause………

Then I saw him, it was a man doing exercises on a bench. Oblivious to people looking at him lost in his own world. I laughed, I did. It was the funniest thing I had seen all day and I couldn’t stop watching. Then I had to get a picture.




This is the sculpture I had stopped to get a picture of “La Musicienne, 1937” Bronze Henri Laurens (1885-1954)

Pictures Of People In Peru

The people in Peru are so wonderful and the children so adorable. I love the clothing, the bright colours and patterns are so pretty. Here are some of my favourite pictures of people from Peru.