What A Beautiful Cock

(sorry couldn’t resist, I found him in a park in Honolulu)

But he really is beautiful:
Rooster (cock) 2

Seems to have many friends:
Rooster (cock) 4 Rooster (cock) 3

Then walked away when he was done:
Rooster (cock) 1

Signs On The Beach

What is a vacation without finding some signs that you really like?

I love this one, the OMG the GIANT WAVE will come and crush you!


As it turns out the waves were not that threatening the day I was there, just big enough to get a good splash effect:


Also the slippery rocks sign, OUCH that would hurt:


The rocks were really slippery:


It was beautiful but apparently very dangerous for little stick guys that can’t stay on their feet!

Birds In The Park

It’s an odd thing but the more I travel the more I notice birds. I’m still at the stage where I describe them by colour characteristics but am beginning to fear I may turn into a bird watching old lady with a very cool hat and large binoculars.

Hmmm….. actually doesn’t sound so bad, would I have to give up my shopping cart?

While wandering the park in Honolulu I took pictures of several of the birds wandering around, they seem to have much more personality than I ever used to give birds credit for.

Here are some of my favourites:

IMG_3754 IMG_3756 IMG_3782 IMG_3769 IMG_3784 IMG_3796

Time To Relax In A Park

My Mom and I flew into Honolulu the day before our cruise left leaving us enough time to enjoy a park across from the hotel. Which the bellman was ever so happy pointing out.

“Where is the park?”

“You mean that one?” He asked sarcastically as he pointed across the street.


Oh well, yes, now that you’ve pointed it out it does seem obvious.

Mom and I wandered through the beautiful park enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. This environment makes it easy to practice patience with the hard of hearing.

There were beautiful flowers:


Beautiful trees:



And of course the ocean, which I sat and looked at after losing Mom briefly:


I had said “This way….” she didn’t hear me so I let her wander in her own direction. She seemed to know where she was going and I figured she would find me eventually or I would find her again after mistaking her for a strange bird saying “What, what, what?” because she couldn’t hear what she was saying.

OMG I wandered around and didn’t get lost …….

Having a day to myself I wasn’t sure what to do. I am notorious for getting lost. In Cuzco while travelling with Becca (Team Squirrel! We have done several trips together and on this trip I missed her). Anyway Becca had a headache in Cuzco so I decided to let her rest and go out on my own. Just before I left the room Becca sat up and said “DON’T CROSS THE STREET!”

Yes Mom…….

If I don’t cross the street then I can’t get lost, as it turned out on that day in Cuzco everything I wanted was on the same block of our hotel.

On this day in Quito, I wanted to get out and I needed to find a post office. I asked for directions and found the post office, fairly close to the hotel. Score! Feeling confident I looked at a map and wandered down to a park and caught a bit of a performance. It was in Spanish so I didn’t understand much of it but it was still entertaining.

The Park:

Then I managed to find a church and wandered around the old town:

It was lovely and turning to come back I found my way with no problem.

Of course if you get lost in an unknown place you can always grab a cab back to the hotel.   I also found a little souvenir store and found a scarf I had been looking for and a new Alpaca sweater.

Alpaca is very warm and cozy, perfect for Canadian winters. Very pleased with my day I headed back to the hotel for a quick nap before meeting up with the group for the Galapagos cruise.

Mr. Kingsley!

Walking Kingsley Part 4

Finally we make it to the park and this is where the basset starts to move.

He loves it, look at my happy boy:

He still has to sniff around and check everything out:

Stalk a few things and remind me that he IS a hunting dog:

Also I no longer need patience, I can just let him go: