This little guy was chatting at me while I was outside today.

I don’t know if he was asking for peanuts or giving me advice or taking over the nagging from my Mother. Mom is on vacation and I’m enjoying some quiet time while she’s gone. It’s good living with Mom but after living on my own for so long having anybody around is tiring. I often need to remind myself to not be such a biatch to my mother. I get snippy, my patience wears thin and of course since it’s my Mom I take everything she says ten times more personally than I probably should.

We’ve adjusted though and are getting along quite well, we’ve worked out some of the bigger issues that came up when I first move in. Like toast crumbs on the counter, hers not mine. I hate crumbs on a counter and I don’t think she even realized that she was leaving them behind every morning. What  is nice though is to be able to have a glass of red wine without the judgey look. Mom swears it’s not a judgey look but it looks judgemental to me. Especially two glasses in . . . .

Now I’m enjoying the time alone and loving my glass of red wine in the evening.

Christmas With Mom In Hawaii


I spent this Christmas on a Hawaiian Cruise with my Mom. It was really nice and we didn’t have to figure out who was going to cook.

Starting the trip, even before we left the Calgary airport I was reminded of how annoying it is to travel with somebody who is hard of hearing but doesn’t think they are hard of hearing.



Mom thinks she can hear just fine and I was suddenly aware that I was going to spend a week repeating myself, waiting until she was looking at me to talk and listening to answers because she was guessing what I was saying.

“Would you like a coffee?”

“Yes I think the flights on time.”


The week I soon realized was going to be a lesson in patience. It was and there were a few persnickety moments but it actually turned out really well. Mom did her excursions, she likes to kayak (since the Panama Canal cruise we won’t kayak together, somebody would get hurt if that continued). I instead went snorkelling and to a seahorse farm also rode down Haleakala which I really enjoyed but also felt incredibly lazy as I know two people who have ridden up Haleakala, maybe next time.

Perhaps the Christmas vacation is the way to go.


I’m going on a Hawaiian cruise for Christmas!

Very exciting! Seven days, four islands and fun and sun over the holidays!

…… with my Mother.

It started as a funny, what if idea. “Hey you know if we went away for Christmas we wouldn’t have to figure out who has to cook!”

“Hmmmm where would we go?”

“How about a Hawaiian cruise like we were going to do with Granddad?”

“Wouldn’t that be nice………”

Today I traded emails with my Mother and by the end of the day it was booked.

I had said I  didn’t want to do a cruise again, I had said that I didn’t want to travel with my Mother, Hawaii was not even on my list of places to go.

Now I’m really excited.

Mom and I have been getting along, this will be a lovely way for us to spend time together. I  have more patience and Mom has also been on her best behaviour. With that we haven’t been getting persnickety with each other. Now I am looking forward to spending time with my Mom. Also there are a lot of kayaking excursions, which my Mom wants to do. There are also cycling and hiking excursions which I want to do. Basically we can go and do what we want and meet back up in the room. Also looking at the list of excursions and seeing the pictures I’m wondering why it wasn’t on my list.

Now the whole trip seems like the perfect fit, I just have to wait until December!

I Love A Home With A Name, This Is Where My Mom Grew Up