Tijuana Welcome

LUE 2014

When I arrived in Tijuana for my Taco and Tequila tour I was greeted by a big smile from LUE. He is a shepherd – greyhound cross and has one of the sweetest temperaments I have ever seen in a dog. So well behaved and he followed me everywhere. Having lost my own dog last year seeing LUE was just what I needed along with the sun and seeing my good friend again. LUE also slept with me every night and I enjoyed the company.

You hear so many stories about Tijuana but where we were is so nice. It’s just a suburb with people living their lives in a beautiful location. Their place is right on the ocean and there is a pool area to lounge in over looking the ocean. I could sit out there with my buddy LUE for days (and I did). Just listening to the ocean talking and laughing with the neighbours and feeling so welcome. It’s amazing that I returned home. To go outside without eight layers on was such a welcome change.

It was the perfect break to debate the next step in my life, sometimes you need to step out of your everyday life to figure things out. While I don’t have all the details worked out the sun and fun in Tijuana certainly helped.

Casa Plasencia

After tacos (really, really good tacos) in Tijuana we went for a few drinks at Casa Plasencia.

I almost wished I hadn’t eaten so much as the menu looked really good but was happy with the red wine we had. The place is FULL of bull fighting paraphernalia. Lot’s of posters of bullfights, pictures of bullfighters and some clothing.

I want the pink socks!
Pink Bullfighter Socks

Also this is a picture of a guy holding a bull’s ear. Yes a bull’s ear.
Bullfighter holding ear

Apparently if it’s a good fight they cut the ear off the bull and hold it up in celebration. Then after looking at the picture the bull was pointed out, I’m actually not sure if it’s the same bull from that bullfight but it’s a bull with a missing ear.
Bull Missing Ear 2 Bull Missing Ear 1


While in Tijuana we went for TACOS! At Tacos Los Paisas, good enough for Anthony Bourdain, good enough for me!
Really, really good tacos, I still dream of kind of tacos. We had the pork tacos and they were so good. How can they not be good when this guy is making them for you:
Tacos Tijuana 1 Tacos Tijuana 2

Here is one of the tacos, my plate is such a mess because I had four of them:
Tacos Tijuana 3

Right now I could eat four or more, they were SOOOO GOOD!
Tacos to dream of…….

What A Deal!

Twenty Dollar Hotel

Twenty dollars for a room! What a deal!
When not wanting to think about returning to a job that has grown stale seeing a hotel room for twenty dollars gives one ideas of staying indefinitely. Sure it’s not the Hilton but the beach is close, the wonderful little coffee shop is close. What more do you need?
Oh it’s an idea I’ll keep in my back pocket, good to know it’s there.

Two Little Watchdogs

The white one sounds the alarm, the little brown one continues to keep watch.
Watchdogs 1

They were adorable and posed perfectly for me:
Watchdogs 2

More Tijuana Street Art

Some more art from the streets of Tijuana:
Tijuana Street Art 7 Tijuana Street Art 9
Tijuana Street Art 8 Tijuana Street Art 10 Tijuana Street Art 6

Tijuana Street Art

There is so much street art in Tijuana.

I gave up on putting my camera away because every time I did there was another great piece that I couldn’t pass by without taking a picture.

Here are some of my favourites:
Tijuana Street Art 4 Tijuana Street Art 2 Tijuana Street Art 1 Tijuana Street Art 3 Tijuana Street Art 5

Boardwalk Tijuana

Once in Tijuana we caught a cab, they are right there when you enter Tijuana, then headed to the boardwalk. The day was a little overcast but still great for walking.

We started at the beginning (end?), this is the border. If we could jump the fence we could have walked back to my friends place in Imperial Beach.
Border Dolphins Border Beach

We headed down the boardwalk and took in the scenes, there is A LOT of graffiti which I’ll post pictures of over the next few days.
Boardwalk Tijuana

After wandering for a while we stopped for a coffee at a really cute little place over looking the beach.
Coffee Tijuana

It had a very cool sink in the washroom, a big metal tub with rocks on the bottom. Simple but I really liked it.
Metal Stone Sink Metal Stone Sink 2

Then we sat and enjoyed the view, watching the people pass and the waves roll in.
Tijuana Beach Beach Tijuana 3 Beach Tijuana 2