South Bank Lion

The South Bank Lion or the Red Lion on the Westminster Bridge by the river Thames done by William F. Woodington.


I love the Olympics.

The opening ceremony sucked up my Friday night. It was pretty good, way to go Danny Boyle! The logistics of pulling that off are very impressive. The Queen with James Bond, the music and David Beckham, David Beckham, David Beckham were my favourite parts. Paul wasn’t as annoying as I thought he would be and I really like the Flame.

On Sunday Canada got their first medal! A bronze in women’s synchronized three-metre diving!  Emilie Heymans and Jennifer Abel CONGRATULATIONS!

I’m totally sucked in to it, can’t stop watching. Gymnastics, diving, synchronized diving (HOW DO THEY DO THAT????), cycling, rowing, boxing, if it’s on I’m watching. I really admire athletes at the top of their game all that training for a moment. I find it incredible and inspiring (as I sit on my ass eating ice cream cheering them on).

The mens gymnastics is on right now and I could watch it all day with Kyle Shewfelt commentating, he gets so excited and throws out tid bits of information making it even more exciting. HOW DO THEY DO THAT????? Look at those arms……. wow.

The Brits get SILVER!!!!!! OMG look at Harry and William being TOTAL fan boys!

Oh wait they get bronze the Japanese complained, had a valid point and they get bumped down. STILL THEY GOT BRONZE!!!!! YAY!

Love the Olympics and my other favourite of the day was 15-year-old Ruta Meilutyte who won the gold in the 100 metres breaststroke (and set a new world record). Her face was priceless when she realized she won and getting her medal she looked so overcome with emotion.

How about South Korean archer Im Dong-hyun who is legally blind and made it to the finals? HOW DOES HE DO THAT???

The Olympics make me feel like such an under achiever. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Information or Instruction?

Thai Food At The Clarendon

My first night in London we arrived hungry and tired. My friend had worked all day and so both of us wanted something quick. Becca who loves good food suggested we go to the Clarendon for Thai food and it was really good. It used to be called The Nobody Inn but has changed it’s name to the Clarendon. I like The Nobody Inn more but the food was still really good.

We started with shrimp toast (VERY tastey!):

Then had the battered mushrooms:

Then I had the Thai Green Curry with prawns:

All the food was really good and just what I wanted after a long travel day. Also pretty reasonably priced. The service was great and the food came out fast and hot. I look forward to going again and trying more of the menu.

Clarendon is in Islington, 92 Mildmay Park, London

Tabloids and Tarts

The tabloids in the UK are a guilty pleasure. I love them. I love the headlines the great puns they come up with. I love how dramatic they make everything. Nobody does gossip, speculation and slamming people like the UK tabloids.

Terrible I’m sure if you are targeted by them and if you try to block them it just gets worse (just ask Ryan Giggs who was on every cover last time I was over for sleeping with his Brother’s wife, after having been outed as the guy who slept with Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas. He had tried to take out a super injunction to stop everyone from talking about it but was later outed on twitter. Now Natasha, his Brother’s wife, or I think ex-wife now, just got voted off of Celebrity Big Brother. Life really goes in circles doesn’t it?) Did I lose you? Just google it and if you want a daily laugh check in with the Sun, the Star and the Daily Mail online.

Truly gossipy goodness at it’s smutty finest.

While we’re on smutty let’s make the short leap over to tarts. There is a group of women in the UK that amaze me, they are the bar tarts. Everything is over the top, the hair is big and over done, the nails are long and odd colours, the shoes are platform and sky high, the skirts are short and the cleavage is always on display. Right out there for everyone to see, usually with some cheap lace showing somewhere. The thing is that if you made minor adjustments, toned it down, bought one size larger and tweaked the look slightly, most would probably look not too bad. These women though SQUEEZE themselves into tight dresses and I’m just curious, have spanx not hit London yet? Just wondering because there are always rolls, muffin top extraordinaire, bellys bulging and the bulge caused by an ill fitting bra around the underarms. This accompanied with more make-up than I think I’ve worn in my life is a look that although I would never want to emulate it, I have to admire it. For the effort that must go into looking that made up, to being able to hobble around on those heels, to being able to do anything with those nails. So I tip my hat to the tarts of London who I am in awe of.

I wanted to get a picture but they also tend to look like they could kick my ass around the block (basically they scare me, they tend to drink a lot and cuss like sailors. Think Jersey Shore on steroids).

London Escalator Etiquette

I can’t say how much I love the rule of standing on the right on the escalators in London. Keep to the right if you are just standing so that people can run down (or up) the left side.

Stand and hang out or run down the stairs, your choice!

If you want to get a dirty look and a curt “excuse me” from a Londoner stand on the wrong side. The other people standing will also shoot you a dirty look. It’s a BIG NO NO to stand on the left.

It always takes me a bit of time to adjust when I come home and people are hanging their lazy asses all over the escalators and I have to wait because I can’t squeeze by. I get over it but always think back to the wonderful rule back in London. Why can’t we make this a global rule? Like slower traffic keeping to the right, people standing on escalators should keep to the right.

Maybe I’ll start a campaign and see if I can get it to catch on.

London Street Art

Dragon Gargoyle Westminster Abbey