Witches Market Bolivia

I was talking with a friend today about luck and the Witches Market in La Paz, Bolivia came up. They take a llama fetus and bury it under their house for luck. I forget why the llama is used but in the Witches Market you can pick one up, you can pick up a bunch of  other good luck tokens as well, for love, money, health, pretty much anything you want the Witches Market has you covered!

Pictures Of People In Peru

The people in Peru are so wonderful and the children so adorable. I love the clothing, the bright colours and patterns are so pretty. Here are some of my favourite pictures of people from Peru.

Spitty and the Nazca Lines, Peru

In Peru we went to see the Nazca lines. They are lines in the sand that have been there for hundreds of years and there is a hummingbird, a giant, a spider, a monkey and so many more. They believe they were made by the Nazca culture and have religious significance. The lines are still visible due to the stable dry climate. For more information on the Nazca Lines CLICK HERE.

The best way to see the lines is to go up in a small plane like this one:

One guy in our group tried to freak everybody out by talking about how often small planes crash but my reasoning is, if the planes did crash as often as he proclaimed they did, then these guys would have been out of business years ago. So having been assigned a space on a later plane I went back to the hotel to hang out and went to visit Spitty. This is Spitty:

He’s was a llama at the hotel and we named him Spitty because he did in fact spit at a girl in our tour group. If a Llama looks like he is going to spit at you run, duck, dive for cover. It’s GROSS the spit is sticky and it stinks. Their ears go back and they look like they are about to hock a loogie, so they do give warning signals. On this day Spitty seemed to be in a better mood.

After spending some time with Spitty I wandered back with my travel buddy Becca and we boarded the plane. There was a total of five in the plane including the pilot, so everybody gets a good view.

Once in the air you need to pay attention. Something I am not good at and although I saw many of the lines, by the time I figured out where the pilot was pointing I didn’t have time to take a picture (just google Nazca lines, there are many good pictures) but the scenery from the air is beautiful. Desert for miles and miles. Some lines are easy to spot, others you have to look for. I have a problem with people pointing things out or looking for something that blends in. Either I see it right away or won’t be able to find it no matter how much somebody says “IT’S RIGHT THERE”. I usually follow that with “Where? I don’t see it…..” (I don’t like Waldo, I don’t care where he is).

Here are a few that I did find and managed to get a picture of the Giant, the Dog and the Spider:


Later in the day we went to a little pottery place that makes Nazca pottery the traditional way and they had some beautiful pieces. Also very interesting to see how they make the pieces by hand. I picked up this penguin and he’s one of my favourite souvenirs: 

The pictures of the skeletons I’ve had all week are from Chauchilla Cemetary for more information CLICK HERE.

Is It Happy Hour….

What’s Going On Over There….


What’s Up….

I Can’t See You But Nice To Meet You….