Where are the screaming kids?

Rwanda Baby

There were children everywhere in Rwanda but I never heard screaming kids, kids having a temper tantrum, even a crying baby. Perhaps it’s because the younger babies are tied to their mother’s backs.

You see this all the time, the Mom is happily going about her day and the little one is just safely hanging out. Sleeping or looking around without a care in the world. Safely bundled into the blanket that is tied to the Mom. Little feet and hands sticking out, it totally amazed me how happy they appeared.

Then the older ones are curious, they wave and many love having their picture taken. They love to see their picture like this little guy.

Little Picture Guy Rwanda

After seeing his picture he seemed to look back at his sister with a see I told you I was handsome look.

Little Picture Guy Rwanda


There was one little guy in a red sweater with a big smile who came running up to our bus and threw his hands in the air while yelling “GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!” Then stood with his hands out. Well might as well try the direct approach, he didn’t get any money and I missed the picture.

Always keep your camera out, the moment you put it away something interesting will happen ……. every time.

Market Kigali


We went to a market in Kigali and as usual I felt overwhelmed.

I’m a browser, I like to look at things and think about my purchases. In the market it’s the hard sell. It’s impossible to just browse without somebody trying to sell you whatever you are looking at. In the end I didn’t get anything, I’m don’t buy many souvenirs but in our group people did walk away with a leather hat, some straw bowls, earrings and some soap stone animals.

As we travelled further on our journey it became apparent that the market in Kigali was a really good deal. The prices went up in Uganda and then again in Kenya.


My favourite were the colourful beans, they almost look like a big bowl of smarties (and I love smarties).


They let me take a picture no problem and many pictures were fine but there were several women carrying items on their head just outside the market and they wanted to be paid for their picture. Not much and one in our group did pay them.

IMG_0491 IMG_0492