I find seaweed fascinating. The seaweed washed up on Imperial Beach was pretty big which leads me to wonder how big is the plant it came from?

The round ball filled with water was surprisingly sturdy and I just really like the way it looks.
Seaweed 2 Seaweed 3

This one is ummm…… probably the most obscene looking piece of seaweed I have ever seen:
Seaweed 1

Morning Walk

After the yoga conference we headed to Imperial Beach to hang out with friends there.

My friend that I went to the yoga conference with and my friend that we stayed with in Imperial Beach we all met in Grade 7. We’ve known each other a long time and get us all together and it’s a girly gabfest gong show. So much fun and is there any better way to catch up than a lovely long walk on the beach in the morning?

My friend in Imperial Beach also married a wonderful man who is the best host ever!

The beach is just a few blocks from their house and this is how I would like to start every day:

Imperial Beach 6 Imperial Beach 5 Imperial Beach 4 Imperial Beach 3 Imperial Beach 2 Imperial Beach 1