The North Shore!

What would a trip to Hawaii be without seeing surfers?

It was our last day and on the tour one of the stops was the North Shore. I would have loved to sit and watch the surfers all day. It’s amazing what they do and looks like SO MUCH FUN!

Beautiful day but definitely did not have enough time there. When I go back I’ll spend a whole day!
Surfers 4 Surfers 3 Surfers 2 Surfers 1

It Fell From A Tree

I saw this tree in Hawaii, a very pretty tree:
Cool Tree Hawaii

Then under the tree this is what they look like open and dry, which I thought was pretty cool. Not sure what kind of tree or what they are but for a moment on that day they made me happy:
Cool Pod Hawaii

What A Beautiful Cock

(sorry couldn’t resist, I found him in a park in Honolulu)

But he really is beautiful:
Rooster (cock) 2

Seems to have many friends:
Rooster (cock) 4 Rooster (cock) 3

Then walked away when he was done:
Rooster (cock) 1

Today This Is Where I Wish I Was….

On a beach in Honolulu, playing in the surfing and soaking up some sun.

Honolulu Beach

Instead I am at work having to deal with a situation that I thought was over. On the bright side I get recognized at the company town hall for fifteen years of service. I can’t believe I’ve been at the same company that long (well April 1st is my anniversary date) and with that comes mixed feelings. On the one hand I’m proud of being there so long, on the other I wonder what happened and when I will decide what I want to be when I grow up.

If the situation turns messy I’ll just close my eyes and think of the beach.

Beautiful Scenery

On the ship heading back towards Honolulu we passed some amazing scenery.

Sitting on the balcony watching it go by on a beautiful sunny day, life was good.

Scenery Hawaii 5 Scenery Hawaii 2 Scenery Hawaii 1 Scenery Hawaii 4 Scenery Hawaii 3



This sign always makes me laugh. Years ago I was in Cancun, Mexico with friends having a great time. On the beach there was a sign similar to the one above as well as a strong undertow sign.

One friend went in to go swimming, she was having a lot of fun until she tried to swim back and the undertow was really strong. She waved to another friend on the beach. He was drinking beer and having a great time. He saw her waving and waved back. Our friend in the water tried to wave and signal for help again and the our happy friend on the beach waved and raised his beer to her. I think he even yelled “Cheers”.

The friend in the water eventually made her way over to a rope in the water and pulled herself out. She promptly walked over to drunk boy on the beach and started to yell about almost drowning and why didn’t he help and blah, blah, blah….

He thought she was waving “Hello”, like just “Hello, I’m having fun in the water!” He apologized and offered her a beer. Everything turned out fine in the end.

Now every time I see that sign I think “Hello!” not “Help” perhaps there could be some way to show more distress?

Signs On The Beach

What is a vacation without finding some signs that you really like?

I love this one, the OMG the GIANT WAVE will come and crush you!


As it turns out the waves were not that threatening the day I was there, just big enough to get a good splash effect:


Also the slippery rocks sign, OUCH that would hurt:


The rocks were really slippery:


It was beautiful but apparently very dangerous for little stick guys that can’t stay on their feet!

Birds In The Park

It’s an odd thing but the more I travel the more I notice birds. I’m still at the stage where I describe them by colour characteristics but am beginning to fear I may turn into a bird watching old lady with a very cool hat and large binoculars.

Hmmm….. actually doesn’t sound so bad, would I have to give up my shopping cart?

While wandering the park in Honolulu I took pictures of several of the birds wandering around, they seem to have much more personality than I ever used to give birds credit for.

Here are some of my favourites:

IMG_3754 IMG_3756 IMG_3782 IMG_3769 IMG_3784 IMG_3796