Happy Birthday! (. . . better early than late . . . .)


Okay it’s not until tomorrow but why not start celebrating today?

After the week you’ve had you deserve it!

So I dug out a few alpaca pictures for you, I know you like llama’s  and alpacas are pretty close. Also adorable to look at. If all else fails you can run away and start a llama/alpaca farm!

Okay maybe not.

DSCN0658 DSCN0652

Also found this picture of a Peruvian mini bar, still makes me chuckle.


Tomorrow kick back, twist the top of your wine and stuff a straw in it.


This is no time to worry about being classy. If you can squeeze in a bubble bath do that as well.

Things will get better, I’m just not sure when.

Remember I am available anytime for coffee, lunch, dinner, wine, bitching, complaining, gossiping, pretending that all this crap isn’t happening, whatever you need just call.

What A Wonderful Day!

I’m feeling super optimistic that this will be a great day!



There is no “I” in team but there is an “I” in Claire! So today I get to enjoy the day my way. The good thing is that it involves things that the people I’m spending it with will enjoy as well.

First I get to sleep in, I have the day off!!!!!!! Then I get to make a cup of tea and read (then watch “Live With Kelly” a guilty pleasure). Around noon my day really picks up because my good friend Becca is coming to visit! I haven’t seen her since January and am really looking forward to spending time with my travel buddy. Also she has started dating so I get to hear all about the new boy (I love new relationship gossipy goodness).

It may not seem possible but around 5:00 my day gets even better I get to see my FAVOURITE BOY…… KINGSLEY! I haven’t seen him in what seems like ages. The basset had surgery a few weeks ago but is back to his troublesome self and I’m sure he’s looking forward to hogging the bed. After obsessively hugging and rubbing the dogs belly and walking him, he will have a nap. Then Becca and I will head out and do what we do best, laugh, talk and have a really good meal with a few glasses of wine.

Does a day get any better? Maybe but this is going to be one fine day!

(Also I got a birthday card from my best friend, Thank you! Love you! AND my Mom took the time to mail me a card before she left for vacation to let me know that even though she isn’t here she’s thinking of me, today I can’t remember why I complain about her. Don’t worry she’ll come back and remind me.)

Happy Birthday…Yes You!

Today is my best friends birthday.

She always sends me a card because that’s how organized and thoughtful she is. I’m not. So instead I will dedicate a blog post to her.

I have many good friends that I adore and love that bring so much to my life, so you might ask how do I single this one out as my best friend.

Well where do I begin?

We have known each other since we were twelve years old. The age of her oldest daughter now. We not only know who we are now but how we got here.

How we got here has been a long road. We have both been through so much and for everything that has happened in the last thirty years we have been there. There were a few years here and there where we weren’t as present but in the end we have always come back.

Through marriage, through children, through bad relationships, through going off the deep end (we’ve both gone off the deep end). We have been there. Sometimes I haven’t been the best friend, sometimes she hasn’t been the best friend. It happens. We have always been friends and I know that no matter what happens I can call her at three am and she will bail me out of jail.

When we were in our teens this was our measure of who your good friends were. Who would bail you out of jail? This is not likely to happen but I know I could count on her. I know that if I need a friend, a sounding board, a good laugh, she is there.

When we are ninety we will be doing coffee together and still encouraging each other to live the dream. Whatever that dream is. Also telling each other inappropriate jokes and making fun of people we don’t like (we’re kinda petty that way).

So to Joanne, happy birthday!

I hope this day and every day brings you joy and happiness. You are an inspiration to me in the way you live your life, in how wonderful you are as a wife and mother, in how you are such an amazing friend to all who are lucky enough to know you.