Petra’s Stone Museum Flowers

Petra Stone Museum

That’s Petra in her garden, made by a local sculptor.

Besides the stones all over the place at the stone museum, there are beautiful flowers everywhere. The garden is so well tended and there are little seats all over for you to sit on and just enjoy the wonderful gem of a place!

Petra Flowers 8 Petra Flowers 1 Petra Flowers 4 Petra Flowers 3 Petra Flowers 2 Petra Flowers 5 Petra Flowers 6 Petra Flowers 7

Yellow Flower For Hope

A pretty yellow flower to cheer me up before my optimism gets squashed again.
Yellow Flower

Today is going to be a long day, I can feel it coming. I have a meeting at work, at the job that has become like a bad relationship. I’m not sure we can turn it around. The thought of change is terrifying and exciting. I’ve been at my current job for fifteen years and I believe it is time to move on but to what?

What is the next chapter? What do I want to do? Where do I want to go?

In a job that is draining it’s hard to find the energy to be optimistic about an uncertain future. Especially when the past year has been such a blow to my confidence but I know that I am capable of more, that when I am excited about an opportunity and people believe in me I can achieve great things. So I will believe that there is something remarkable around the corner and once I close this chapter and shake the dust off, I will find it and put in the work to achieve it.

Anybody hiring?

Spring Please Come Soon…..

Cheering myself up with pictures of pretty flowers from sunny places.

Red Flower

I think that spring is now on it’s way, I want to believe and I don’t want to jinx it. So when it dumps another three feet of snow tomorrow you can blame me.

All I want is to not worry about slipping and falling on my walk to work. Also I would like to get my scooter out. Lastly I would like to see green and flowers because that always makes me feel way better about everything. It’s hard to get motivated and excited when it’s gloomy out. In the meantime I’ll plan another tea time with Eeyore, he understands.

More Roses!

On Friday I posted a picture of a peppermint rose which was my favourite of the roses at the lavender farm. There were many more beautiful roses and here are a few more of them, looking at them cheer me up on a cold day.

Love the orange and coral ones, so pretty:

Orange Rose Coral Rose White Rose Yellow Rose

Pretty Peppermint Rose!


Flowers Guango Lodge

Also at Guango Lodge there are so many beautiful flowers to attract the hummingbirds.

The flowers are also easier to take pictures of than the hummingbirds:

Morning Walk Around Termas Papallacta, Ecuador

The next morning at the spa we had breakfast and headed out for a morning walk. The day was beautiful and clear. We followed the directions Mauro had given us the day before and the signs.

The path was well marked and we were rewarded with a beautiful waterfall! (Just once I would like me to look normal in a picture but the other one taken in front of the waterfall I had thirty chins, so really this was the better option and yes I am fully aware I need a haircut).

Cotopaxi, Flowers

Wandering around Cotopaxi and the area there are also some beautiful flowers.

With this pink one apparently if you think about the one you love and touch it if it opens then they also love you if it closes, tough luck. I don’t know if it works at this point I don’t have somebody to think of but maybe I’ll go back one day.

More Flowers:

The landscape is beautiful and you are actually so high up that you find yourself even with the clouds.