Making Leis!

What would a cruise to Hawaii be without lei lessons!

There were several offered for the days we set sail earlier and the classes were a fun way to pass an hour or so.

The first one we made was one made out of Kukui nuts, super simple to make and I think it turned out well:


It looked great on the Swan:


The next class was for flower lei’s and for whatever reason the class was only about half full so we got to make double leis, it smelled amazing and was also simple to make:


The last was a lei made out of ribbons and since is was Christmas we actually made a Christmas ornament instead of a lei. Once you get he hang of it it’s quite easy and I don’t think it’s bad for a first attempt:


It reminded me of arts and crafts at school, I really enjoyed the classes. Making stuff is fun and sometimes I think we forget that.

Time To Relax In A Park

My Mom and I flew into Honolulu the day before our cruise left leaving us enough time to enjoy a park across from the hotel. Which the bellman was ever so happy pointing out.

“Where is the park?”

“You mean that one?” He asked sarcastically as he pointed across the street.


Oh well, yes, now that you’ve pointed it out it does seem obvious.

Mom and I wandered through the beautiful park enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. This environment makes it easy to practice patience with the hard of hearing.

There were beautiful flowers:


Beautiful trees:



And of course the ocean, which I sat and looked at after losing Mom briefly:


I had said “This way….” she didn’t hear me so I let her wander in her own direction. She seemed to know where she was going and I figured she would find me eventually or I would find her again after mistaking her for a strange bird saying “What, what, what?” because she couldn’t hear what she was saying.

ANOTHER Purple Flower!

I never tire of purple flowers and this one is one of my all time favourites:

More Pretty Purple Flowers

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