Mowing the Lawn


I had to mow the lawn at my Mom’s place the other day. I’ve never mowed a lawn before, I’ve never had to. I had a house once but my significant other at the time mowed the lawn. I was good at other things, folding towels. I am GREAT at folding towels. I can clean a bathroom like nobody’s business and leave organizing the kitchen cupboards to me. The lawn though I had no interest in and he never complained or I didn’t hear him complain, so I guess he might have but I wasn’t listening. Perhaps why he’s my ex?

Anyway a friend was shocked that I had NEVER mowed a lawn. YOU’VE NEVER MOWED A LAWN?!?! I then tried to come up with something that he has never done in a domestic capacity but he’s a domestic diva so I couldn’t think of anything domestic so I threw travel at him. YOU’VE NEVER BEEN TO AFRICA?!?!?!

It’s at moments like that that I realize I am just as annoying as daytime talk shows. Mowing the lawn and travel doesn’t really correlate to each other and I’m being immature really it’s the same as “I know you are but what am I . . . ” and I like to think I’m capable of more linear thought. Daytime talk shows annoy me and I often yell at the television while watching them, it starts with a point taken from the headlines that the ladies are then suppose to discuss and always there is one that takes it in a completely different direction and makes it all about her. (Why are there no round table shows with guys?) Like a discussion of a red carpet dress that turns into a discussion about breast feeding. Always leads me going WHAT? How did we get here?

Anyway I’ll be mowing the lawn again as it was a pleasant experience and as you can see from the photo above the poppies were out in full bloom. Also the noise of the mower covers the sound of my voice bitching about whatever annoyed me on daytime television. Win Win!