The Basset Nap

Basset Nap

Oh I will miss the basset nap. After a long walk Kingsley loved to cozy in for a nap and even though he was a little heavy, I loved him sleeping on me. This is an old picture he’s probably around a year old.

I will miss the basset breath in my face and him pushing himself around trying to get comfy. Will miss him giving me the evil basset eye if I had to get up before he was ready. He would grunt at me like a grumpy old man and then cozy back in by himself.

Get Well Soon My Love

Kingsley Love

That’s my boy, Kingsley, he’s not well at the moment. I’m missing him terribly.

I got a call yesterday that Kingsley wasn’t well and had to go to the vet today. This is the hardest part of sharing a dog, when he’s not well and I’m not there. I’d like to be there to assess his condition, give him cuddles and just take care of him.

I know he’s in good hands but the waiting to hear how the vet appointment went seemed to take forever. As it turns out he’s got a bad sprain, that’s why he wasn’t acting like his usual self, why he was limping, not sleeping and even his breathing was off. He now has medication, is back home and is cozied in on the couch sleeping and drooling.

Wish I was there but the next weekend I have him he’ll be getting lots of love and attention. I think a marathon basset nap will be in order.

Basset Weekend!

Kingsley home 2

This is the first time I’ve seen Kingsley in three weeks. After the trip to Iceland I had to wait another week for my weekend to see the dog. I share him, my ex and I have a custody agreement about the dog. The arrangement has worked out really well for six years.

When Kingsley arrived he was aloof and stand-offish, I started to wonder if he had heard about the dog I met in Iceland. The CUTEST, SWEETEST little Icelandic sheepdog. So my boy was giving me the cold shoulder.

Kingsley home 1

Then we talked about it and I assured him that he was still my number one, I think he was listening.

Kingsley home 3

I gave him a chew stick, his favourite. He got distracted trying to hide it and forgot about being mad at me.

Kingsley home 4

He tried out several hiding places.

Kingsley home 6

Kingsley home 5

By the end of the night everything was back to normal.

Kingsley excitement

I think he was excited to see me again…… Basset excitement is the best, very subtle but the best.

Even The Basset Is Tired Of Hearing About It…..

This is the look my dog gives me when I start to talk about work:
Basset Look

Yep, even he is tired of the complaining and the waffling. He’ll be happy to know that the talk about work will soon be replaced by something new to complain about. I mean it’s always something isn’t it?

Perhaps I need to read the yoga books again and get back to happy, positive thoughts but too many of those and my brain might explode. I’m actually not really a whiner but that shadow of doubt is there a lot. Time to pick myself up and think positively, come up with a plan and most importantly put in the work. That’s really the key, you can dream all you want but if you don’t put in the work then your dreams probably aren’t going to happen.

I’m starting with lists, I’m good at lists. A list of what I would like my life to look like, a list of how to get my life to where I want it and lists of tasks to do. Life becomes easier when we have a checklist. At least I think it does, then I have to stop making lists and start doing.

Ready For The Weekend

It’s been a long week and I’m ready for the weekend.
Mostly I’m looking forward to seeing my boy, Kingsley!


After a long week of dealing with people and such all I want is to curl up with the basset and have a nap. He never disappoints he’s always up for a nap.