Jacob’s Ladder, Sidmouth – One Of My Granddad’s Favourite Places

I Love A Home With A Name, This Is Where My Mom Grew Up

Remembering Granddad

One year ago my Granddad passed away. He was my favourite person. He was a chef, he was funny, he was quiet and he loved sports. I still find myself watching golf on Sundays because it reminds me of him.

This is my favourite picture of him at the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth Devon:

Even though he lived in Canada for over 40 years he called Sidmouth, Devon home:  

This is the house he used to live in:

He used to work at the Victoria Hotel he started as a Bell Boy and left as a Chef (His nickname was “Chuckles”): 

He loved to travel and loved the Panama Canal cruise we did as a family (In Aruba):  

He loved to compete and took part in the Senior Games every year:

Thinking of my Granddad and missing him today. I love you Granddad.

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