Beautiful Scenery

On the ship heading back towards Honolulu we passed some amazing scenery.

Sitting on the balcony watching it go by on a beautiful sunny day, life was good.

Scenery Hawaii 5 Scenery Hawaii 2 Scenery Hawaii 1 Scenery Hawaii 4 Scenery Hawaii 3

Hawaiian Sunset

How about a sunset picture from Hawaii for a Friday.

Wish I was there now enjoying a cocktail, relaxing and forgetting about the chaos of work.

Hawaiian Sunset

More Seahorses!

At the seahorse farm in Kona they have a room of aquariums full of seahorses.

For more information check out their website Seahorse.

Since it is Valentines Day I’ll share more pictures of my new love, the seahorse. They really are extraordinary little beings.

Seahorse 6 Seahorse 7 Seahorse 8 Seahorse 9 Seahorse 10

Holding A Seahorse

This is my favourite. At the seahorse farm you have the opportunity to hold a seahorse. They wrap their tail around your fingers and just hang out. If you hold them long enough they get kinda sleepy and will lay their head against your hands.

It made me want one but since I can’t keep a cactus alive and the dog only lives because he drags his food bowl around reminding me to feed him, perhaps it’s not such a good idea just yet. They were so adorable though and had more personality than I thought they would.

Holding A Seahorse

Seahorse Farm Kona!

One of my favourite tours ever, I went to a seahorse farm in Kona.

For more information on check out Seahorse which has lots of information and you can buy them!

I thought it would be pretty cool but the seahorses are just so amazing. They breed them and they swim around so cute. They will come an look you when you are standing outside the tanks.

Also when they are fed they all go for the food at once:
Seahorse 2

I could watch them for hours playing with each other wrapping their tails around each other. Their faces are so surreal. It was really a pleasure to see them.
Seahorse 5 Seahorse 4 Seahorse 3 Seahorse 1


Sailing from Hilo to Kona we passed lava!


Molten rock, glowing in the dark. It was later and dark out very hard to get a picture but it was really amazing to see. I tried to take pictures and finally got a few but the pictures do not do it justice. In fact unless told what it is you wouldn’t know from the picture I don’t have a telephoto lens but I’m still happy I got a picture to remember it.

After getting a picture I just enjoyed the view and kept squealing LAVA, IT’S LAVA!

Doesn’t take much to amuse me.
Lava 1 Lava 2

Crater Hike!

This is the crater that you can do a hike around. I believe you have to go with a guide. We didn’t have time for the hike on this day but if I go back it’s definitely on my list!

The landscape is so surreal and the steam rising just adds to the atmosphere. I imagine the hike being down wandering through the steam would be well worth it, even in the rain. It rains a lot in Hilo.

Crater Hilo 4 Crater Hilo 5 Crater Hilo 3 Crater Hilo 1 Crater Hilo 2

Lava Tube

At Volcano National Park we go to walk through a lave tube which was pretty cool. The lights in the tube give it a weird red glow and there is silvery moss as well that didn’t come out well in the pictures.

What is a lave tube? Wikipedia explains it better than I can Lave Tube.

It was fun to walk through and I couldn’t decide whether is was very hobbit like or dune like it was a very curious atmosphere.

Entrance to the lava tube:

Lave Tube Entrance

Walls in the lava tube:

Lave Tube Wall 3 Lave Tube Wall 2 Lave Tube Wall 1

People wandering through:

Lave Tube Walking Lava Tube Exit