Sailboat, Cork, Ireland

Drink Is Thine Enemy, Love Thy Enemy

Red Wine

One of the great things about having Becca visit from London is I get to enjoy a glass of red wine without feeling like a crazy alcoholic Basset Lady (the dog can be very judgemental).

Over the years I’ve had quite a relationship with red wine. We’ve had some very good times and stayed up way too late together. We’ve had a great time on a weeknight, leaving me berating it the next day. I’ve had so much fun on a weekend and then not talked to it for weeks or months, needing a break from the relationship. Oh red wine you can be a handful.

It lures you in and then slams you in the head the next day. Yet I always go back. Oh long lost friend how have you been???

This time Becca and I were good, we enjoyed a few glasses each night but didn’t go over board. The first night we had two bottles one with a cork that took us FOREVER to get out. I couldn’t open it so Becca tried and she had difficulty as well. This made me feel better as she has tennis arms and can usually open a bottle of red like nobody’s business! It was due in large part to the fact that I don’t have a good corkscrew. Apparently this is what Becca will be getting me for Christmas.

So the next night after a lovely dinner we stopped to get a bottle of wine for the evening. Red wine goes hand in hand with good girl gab and she was finally opening up a bit more about her new guy. Who sounds like an amazingly nice, thoughtful, fun, charming fellow!

The only requirements for the wine were it must be red and it must be a twist cap. We didn’t want a half hour struggle to get to the good stuff. So in the liquor store we perused the aisle looking for a cute label (we get sucked in by cute labels), red and twist. The guy working was looking at us like we were idiots, we’re used to this. Mission accomplished we took our new friend home where we enjoyed a lovely evening chatting and laughing.

With the very judgemental basset looking on with a disapproving look. I swear he actually shook his head at us.

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