Christmas With Mom In Hawaii


I spent this Christmas on a Hawaiian Cruise with my Mom. It was really nice and we didn’t have to figure out who was going to cook.

Starting the trip, even before we left the Calgary airport I was reminded of how annoying it is to travel with somebody who is hard of hearing but doesn’t think they are hard of hearing.



Mom thinks she can hear just fine and I was suddenly aware that I was going to spend a week repeating myself, waiting until she was looking at me to talk and listening to answers because she was guessing what I was saying.

“Would you like a coffee?”

“Yes I think the flights on time.”


The week I soon realized was going to be a lesson in patience. It was and there were a few persnickety moments but it actually turned out really well. Mom did her excursions, she likes to kayak (since the Panama Canal cruise we won’t kayak together, somebody would get hurt if that continued). I instead went snorkelling and to a seahorse farm also rode down Haleakala which I really enjoyed but also felt incredibly lazy as I know two people who have ridden up Haleakala, maybe next time.

Perhaps the Christmas vacation is the way to go.

Christmas Cheer!

The good stuff, the Christmas cheer:

  1. Eggnog and spiced rum – I love eggnog and my ass shows it at this time of year.
  2. Baileys – Any excuse to drink Baileys, in coffee, over ice, with a straw I love it!
  3. Peppermint Martini – Cool minty goodness!
  4. RED WINE – For all occasions, goes with everything and we usually stop speaking at least once a year (but we always make up).
  5. Hot Chocolate – Preferably with marshmallow on a cold day drinking it while walking along looking at Christmas lights!


Thank you so much for all your kind comments and support! 


This is a Pointsettia in Peru. (I usually kill these within days)

Christmas FOOD!

Okay so in case you haven’t noticed I’m being lazy this week, what with the five favourites lists. Yep five, not even ten. So to continue with the five today here are my five favourite foods:

  1. Little sausages – My Granddad always made little sausages. They were so good! (He also made amazing sausage rolls but the little sausages remind me more of Christmas)
  2. Brussel Sprouts – I just lost half of you but I love them. Especially pan roasted and tossed with butter and bacon.
  3. Trifle – My Granny used to make a lovely trifle and I tried once but it didn’t turn out the same. Hers just had the perfect amounts of sponge cake, custard and jelly. OH and don’t forget the whipped cream.
  4. Marshmallow Balls – My friends Grandma used to make them, they were large marshmallows dipped in a Makintosh toffee and condensed milk mixture, then rolled in Special K. SO GOOD and I could eat more than my fair share of them.
  5. Gravy – Especially my Granddad’s. It just made everything better and I think gravy deserves to be counted as a food !

What are your favourite Christmas foods? 

Oh and the absence of turkey on the list is on purpose, I’m kinda “meh” on the turkey.

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Christmas Time Of Year

OMG I almost forgot to write a post for today. Have you noticed the posts have seemed rushed lately? I have, sorry. Sometimes I totally suck.

That’s my bad planning. It’s that year end Christmas shopping, clearing stuff up for year end and just general dragging my feet. It happens to me every December. I get in a funk, I’m not a Christmas person. It’s more something I endure every year.

I’m very glad that people enjoy Christmas and kids seem to make a big difference. They should, it’s really for them. They get toys and stockings and the day is fun and as a child I did enjoy Christmas.

Now I am single, 43 and get to spend Christmas with my Mother. It’s just the two of us, I have a brother but that’s a story for another day but I will just say he doesn’t partake in family events.

So it will be Mom and I. Last year I did the whole turkey thing but it’s kinda silly for two people so this year we’re having goulash and I’ll figure something out for dessert. There will be the opening of a present or two. Neither of us really needs or wants anything but there is always something to open. We will watch the Queens speech, something my we do every year. Then I will put on a movie and Mom will fall asleep.

So it’s not a bad day by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just hard to be festive when there is only two of you.

We also have one of those relationships where we take everything the other one says either the wrong way or personally. On Christmas though we both tread carefully and try to play nice. Over the past year since my Granddad passed away we have actually learned to navigate around each other a little more gracefully.

We had to, Granddad was our buffer.

I will break out a few Christmas decorations, get a movie ready, make a nice dinner and have a lovely day with Mom. One in which I might not appreciate right away but in the long run will be happy for all the time we have spent together.