Beautiful Latte

After a long day at Angkor Wat and being scolded by a monkey, I was hoping the next day would start off better. With no monkey’s or people hissing at me.

It did, we went to a wonderful little cafe and I ordered a latte. I love a latte in the morning and when it looks like this I love it even more:

I have a crappy day full of meetings but I’ll be thinking of the gorgeous flower latte I had in Siem Reap:

Don’t Piss Off The Monkey…..

I’m suppose to be organizing but instead I was going through my photo’s, that kinda counts doesn’t it?

I came across this picture from Angkor Wat, Cambodia:

She looks sweet doesn’t she? Nice little monkey and I got the shot!

Then I turned off my camera and the monkey came closer:

What I forgot when I took the second shot because I was so focused on getting another shot before the monkey ran away was to turn off the flash.

My camera automatically sets the flash on. So I got that picture of the cute little monkey but immediately after the monkey freaked and showed great displeasure at having had a flash go off. The monkey scolded me and hissed at me. I ran away from the monkey like a coward and hid behind my friend. The monkey followed, I apologized and continued to cower and slowly back away. Eventually the monkey went on her way after tossing me one more disgusted look. Bad, bad, bad tourist.

While this was happening this monk laughed at me. He didn’t smile in that “stupid tourist” way. He laughed in that “STUPID TOURIST” way. He didn’t point and that was a small consolation:

 Ever since that incident I have NEVER forgotten to turn the flash off before taking a picture of an animal. Lesson learned and I can still hear the monk laughing.

Two Young Monks, Angkor Wat

Carving At Angkor Wat

Beautiful Gardens At The Royal Palace Phnom Penh

Love These Statues Royal Palace Phnom Penh

Statue at the Royal Palace at Phnom Penh

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I love this picture, it was taken at sunrise. The reason I love it is that it is beautiful but in my mind I can still here the monks chanting their morning prayer and a little guy behind me informing everybody that he was selling coffee. Mixed with the beautiful chanting of the monks was a voice yelling “Coffee ….. Coffee …… Coooooffffeeee…..”

In a strange way the two blended together and I also wanted a coffee, so really the moment was perfection.