Birds Watching at Lake Bunyoni


After Rwanda our next stop on the tour was Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda.

Lake Bunyonyi is known for it’s abundance of bird life. Over three hundred species apparently. Our first morning there we went for a bird watching walk first thing in the morning. I was tired and kept staring at the birds but forgetting to take pictures.

Then when I would try to get a picture often the bird would move, birds can be incredibly frustrating to photograph. STOP MOVING!!!!

As soon as you put your camera down the little sucker will fly down and pose perfectly on a branch right in front of you, every time. I swear.

I did manage to get some good pictures and still have some pictures that I’m playing “Where’s Waldo?” with. I know I took the picture for a reason, I know there is probably a bird somewhere in the frame but I can’t find it…….

Here are ones with the birds easy to spot, as the trip went on I got better with my camera. Landscape, no problem. People, no problem. Birds and animals that won’t stop moving around to give me time to figure out how to focus, that took a little more practice.





An afternoon spent on Newcastle Island in Nanaimo, BC is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

The last time I was out there I managed to capture the photo of the above woodpecker. What you can’t see int he photo is just how red his feathers are. He was a noisy little bugger and I couldn’t get Woody Woodpecker’s laugh out of my head for the rest of the day.

Newcastle is just so beautiful and it was the perfect place to contemplate my upcoming trip to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

Here are a few more photos from Newcastle:

IMG_0389 IMG_0387 IMG_0337 IMG_0334

Buttertub Marsh


What a great name for such a beautiful little area. It is found┬ájust off Jingle Pot Road, I feel like I’m living in a Beatrix Potter story. Buttertub Marsh is a bird sanctuary within the city of Nanaimo. No dogs or bicycles are allowed on the 2km trail that circles the marsh. It is home to a wide variety of birds and often we see a bird watcher or photographer set up on one of the observation decks.

A friend that lives in Nanaimo meets up with a group of ladies to do the loop around the marsh everyday and happily I was invited along. It’s a wonderful walk and there are so many birds, flowers and other creatures to see.

Like this guy:


I’ve also seen rabbits and ducks and other small birds that I can’t identify by name. There are lots of beautiful flowers as well. It’s a wonderful way to wind down at the end of the day. An easy 2km stroll to ease into the evening.

IMG_3752 IMG_3750 IMG_3748

Birds In The Park

It’s an odd thing but the more I travel the more I notice birds. I’m still at the stage where I describe them by colour characteristics but am beginning to fear I may turn into a bird watching old lady with a very cool hat and large binoculars.

Hmmm….. actually doesn’t sound so bad, would I have to give up my shopping cart?

While wandering the park in Honolulu I took pictures of several of the birds wandering around, they seem to have much more personality than I ever used to give birds credit for.

Here are some of my favourites:

IMG_3754 IMG_3756 IMG_3782 IMG_3769 IMG_3784 IMG_3796