Pipers Lagoon Swimming


As I said on Monday my plans for the weekend were changed but not all was lost! First I went to the Cedar Farmers Market and then in the afternoon we went to Pipers Lagoon.

It is so beautiful and on a hot day it was just what I wanted. We started by settling on the beach and then going for a swim. I’d been swimming a lot in the local pool, well swimming is a bit of a stretch what I do is more of a mean doggy paddle, anyway I’d forgotten how fun the ocean is to swim in. How much more buoyant you are in salt water. It was also the perfect temperature for the hot day. Cool going in but once in it was lovely.

There were quite a few people there but not enough to make it crowded.

I went with my landlady and her sister and we bobbed around, floated on our backs and chatted away in the water. It was a lovely time.

Once out of the water the fun wasn’t over, there is a walk to do as well!
Those pictures will be my next post but for now here are a few more of the beach and one of some GREEN seaweed. I don’t know why but seaweed fascinates me, probably from growing up in landlocked Alberta it’s still a novelty.

Cool shower on the way to the beach:


Stretch of beach:


Rocks at the end of the beach (I thought they looked nice):


The previously mentioned seaweed!


Charming Chemainus

The next stop was Chemainus, a charming town know for it’s murals:


It seems that every shop has a mural in Chemainus, including the Post Office:


Then we stopped at the beach:


Love this guy:


It was a beautiful sunny day. Watching the families play and looking out at the bay it was a nice stop to sit and just soak up the sun. Also to have a lovely conversation with my friend who had moved to the area a few years before. It was a similar story to mine and he loved the change in lifestyle, the pace, the weather, the diversity of things to do in the area. He was a wonderful guide for the day, filling me in on things to do, some history and interesting tid bits about the area.

Thank you Rob!

It’s also a reminder that if you are going somewhere, to visit or to live and you know somebody there contact them! There was a time when I wouldn’t have felt that I knew Rob well enough to bother him but if travel has taught me anything it is if you know somebody reach out and say hello. Nine times out of ten they will be happy to see you and show you around, people are generally pretty awesome and if you don’t know them well it’s an opportunity to get to know them better!

Also in Chemainus there was a car show with some pretty awesome vintage cars:







And Skulls! (I thought they were very cool…..)




Beach Hawaii

Looking through my pictures I found the one above.

What it told me was it’s time to figure out my next vacation. Something to look forward to and plan for.

There are a few ideas floating around I just need to pick one and book it!

Seeing the Hawaiian beach it looks tempting, sun, sand, surf. Chill out get some macadamia nut ice cream or some Kona coffee. I could get used to a life like that.

Funny thing is my next vacation will not be sun, sand and beach.

When I have it booked I’ll let you know more (also big plans for next year)!

Boardwalk Tijuana

Once in Tijuana we caught a cab, they are right there when you enter Tijuana, then headed to the boardwalk. The day was a little overcast but still great for walking.

We started at the beginning (end?), this is the border. If we could jump the fence we could have walked back to my friends place in Imperial Beach.
Border Dolphins Border Beach

We headed down the boardwalk and took in the scenes, there is A LOT of graffiti which I’ll post pictures of over the next few days.
Boardwalk Tijuana

After wandering for a while we stopped for a coffee at a really cute little place over looking the beach.
Coffee Tijuana

It had a very cool sink in the washroom, a big metal tub with rocks on the bottom. Simple but I really liked it.
Metal Stone Sink Metal Stone Sink 2

Then we sat and enjoyed the view, watching the people pass and the waves roll in.
Tijuana Beach Beach Tijuana 3 Beach Tijuana 2



This is Lue!

He was rescued by my friends, well by my girlfriend. She went to a shelter just to look (never a good idea) and he chose her. Pretty much yelling HEY YOU! YES YOU! I BELONG WITH YOU! She couldn’t leave him behind and so left with him that day hoping that her husband would be okay with it. He was. LUE is happily settled into his new home and totally has the house trained.

He is such a loveable wonderful happy boy and watching him run along the beach, playing in the surf is such a joy!

My name is Claire and I am a dog whore. It’s a problem. I get puppy envy all the time, I hug strange dogs and can’t stop myself form rubbing a dogs belly at every opportunity. LUE gave me my fill of hugs and belly rubs, he’s only a year old but is so well behaved. Wonder if he could come visit and teach my basset Kingsley some manners.

Today This Is Where I Wish I Was….

On a beach in Honolulu, playing in the surfing and soaking up some sun.

Honolulu Beach

Instead I am at work having to deal with a situation that I thought was over. On the bright side I get recognized at the company town hall for fifteen years of service. I can’t believe I’ve been at the same company that long (well April 1st is my anniversary date) and with that comes mixed feelings. On the one hand I’m proud of being there so long, on the other I wonder what happened and when I will decide what I want to be when I grow up.

If the situation turns messy I’ll just close my eyes and think of the beach.

Kauai, Hawaii

Still cold here in Calgary so how about some more beach pictures from Kauai!

I went snorkelling in Kauai and it was great. Now that I’ve been quite a few times I’m comfortable with the fish. I never thought that would happen but now I would go snorkelling at every opportunity! The trick with snorkelling is once you are in the water DON’T PLAY WITH YOUR MASK! Once you adjust it, it’s hard to get the that seal right again.

The beach was beautiful and there were surfers further down the beach. It was a small group and I only got kicked by a flipper once. Also after we went to a different beach to see sea turtles! Which are very hard to get pictures of in the surf, I thought I had one but now it’s like playing where’s Waldo with the pictures. I think there is a turtle here somewhere……… When I find the turtle I’ll post the picture!

Surfer Sign
Kauai Beach
Kauai Beach 2 Kauai Beach 3 Kauai Beach 5
Kauai Beach 4 Kauai Beach Waves 1 Kauai Beach Waves 3 Kauai Beach Waves 2

Warming Up With Thoughts Of Maui!

I’m taking a brief step back to Maui!

Today it was minus thirty. MINUS F*&KING THIRTY, why do I live here? Also I took every opportunity this morning to miss the busses I needed to get to an appointment, bus drivers seemed to be in “I don’t see you freezing girl running for the bus” mode. I normally have harsher words for the bus drivers who I KNOW saw me but passed me by anyway but my appointment was with Rita and I am feeling calm and forgiving (if it happens again tomorrow I will throw rocks at the bus).

On the upside a friend announced that she is heading to Hawaii later this year and so I got to think about Maui again to warm myself up!

What to do in Maui? Yes definitely find Maui Lavender, get some skincare and also a brownie! It has also been a long time since you were last in Hawaii and I’m sad to say I saw no Hawaiian Kids colouring books, postcards or the pencil crayons with all the different leads (she knows what I’m talking about). I can tell you where to get the best lipstick/gloss EVER though!

So how should you spend your time? Go shopping at those crazy little places that line the beaches, what you will do with a sarong in Calgary I don’t know:

Sarong Shopping

Catch up on the weather in Maui:

Maui Weather

Check out the store hours:

Surfboard Business Hours

Wander through some beautiful gardens and appreciate the plants and statues (I’ve already mentioned flowers this week):

Plant Maui

Elephant Maui


Already mentioned ice cream in a previous post so after you get some head to the beach and hang loose:

Hang loose sand

Last but not least TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!

(Also we need to get together for dinner because I have a recipe for Muhammara for you!)