Vancouver Island Exhibition


I missed the Stampede in Calgary this year, which isn’t really a big loss. I grew up in Calgary and the Stampede is there every year. I will make it again and the donuts will still be in the same place, for many, many years to come.

Instead I got to go to the Vancouver Island Exhibition or VIEX!

Well, it’s much smaller than the Stampede and is set up in Beban park, comparatively to the Stampede I believe it would fit in the area where people wait to get into the Stampede. There are some rides, in fact The Monster was there. The big old yellow and black ride that spins and goes up and down? I don’t think I’ve seen it at the Stampede for years, I’m not sure I trust a ride that no longer makes the Stampede requirements.

There was also a Wild West show and a haunted house, The Hillbilly’s Revenge:


There were stables with animals, probably my favourite part of the exhibition.

Look it’s Wilbur!


An Alpaca …..
(Don’t let it spit at you, I’ve seen this happen to somebody and believe me if the Alpaca’s ears go back, move away QUICKLY! )


There were also chickens and such but I don’t really find poultry that exciting. Then there is the Home Show, this was sad. I LOVE the home show at the Roundup Centre all the cleaning gadgets, knives that slice through word AND tomatoes, the slicers and dicers, the spices and fudge, all the things you never knew you need but are now being sold as a must have. At the VIEX I believe there were about maybe twenty vendors and not a single knife or tomato in sight.

There was this though:


That’s a cremation booth giving away a bbq. Seriously………

A Lovely BBQ And I Drove

Two good friends moved earlier this year and I missed the first BBQ they had because I had my dog and I didn’t have a car to get to their place. They moved to just outside of Calgary close to Bragg Creek. I’d seen pictures of their beautiful new home and pictures of their dogs but had yet to see the place and dogs in person.

This weekend they had another bbq and I wasn’t going to miss it! I really wanted to go and see them, the place and also meet some new people. Have a nice night out. They had also graciously said I could stay overnight!

All I needed was a way to get there. Enter car2go! I signed up a few weeks ago for a membership and now I have access to a car! Several cars, they are a fleet of smart cars and when you need one you can look online to see where they are and then reserve on online. You can also just find one on the street and take it if it’s available.

On Saturday I used if for the first time and booked it online walked up to the car on the street and got in. I haven’t driven a car in over a decade and was a little nervous but the smart car is small and easy to drive. I had also memorized the route to my friends house. I put the car into drive and set off. Immediately I realized a few things that I needed to do. I needed to move the seat forward as I was too far away from the pedals and I needed to adjust the rearview mirror. Once that was done I set off again and white knuckled the steering wheel but once I got onto Glenmore and survived merging I started to relax.

By the time I got out on the highway I was enjoying it. Driving along, listening to the radio it went very well and I stopped gripping the steering wheel for dear life. The directions were great and I found the place no problem! I felt like doing a victory dance, I MADE IT!

Many at the BBQ were curious about the car2go. The main question was what if another person with a membership wanted to take the car? Well they can’t while I have the car, until you end your time and return the car to the home area the car is yours. If you need to fill up, the cars come with gas cards for you to use. It is pretty reasonably priced by the minute I think it’s thirty five cents, just over twelve dollars for an hour and sixty-five for twenty four hours. It’s great for somebody like me who doesn’t need a car all the time but occasionally would like to have one to use. Especially for toilet paper, toilet paper is the most awkward stuff to carry home.

The bbq was great! Good food, good company, gracious hosts! Jasper their husky is full of life and just a wonderful dog. Saturn their new edition is a white dog and very shy. She doing better than she was when they first got her but she is still a little weary of people. Both are great and they love running around outside and Jasper will fetch a stick or ball forever.

Their new home is GORGEOUS on a big piece of land and surrounded by forest. So quiet and at night you can really see the stars. I can’t wait to go out again!

This time I had to leave early the next morning because I had to meet my Mom. Next time though I’ll stay longer and go for brunch in Bragg Creek (yes i’m inviting myself and making plans for you). Also next time I will help you clean up! Promise!