Basset Waddle!

Basset Waddle 2013

That’s a picture of Kingsley doing his basset sprint, you can tell the speed he’s going by his jowls flapping.

I was suppose to write about the Skogar Museum today but it can wait.

Today we are going to talk about the Basset Waddle! An annual even that brings bassets from all over Calgary together and all proceeds go to the Basset Hound Rescue. It’s an overload of cuteness, so many bassets all hanging out, waddling around together.

Basset Waddle 2013

Kingsley went with his good friend Owen, such handsome boys:

Basset Waddle 2013 Basset Waddle 2013

The crime fighting duo:

Basset Waddle 2013

It was a fun day filled with basset races, prizes for the longest ears, best waddle, oldest basset, youngest basset, shortest basset, it was a really fun day. Kingsley had a lot of fun but finally gave me the look that let me know it was time to go home.

Basset Waddle 2013

He was one tuckered pup when we got home and spent the rest of the evening napping, he only got up in time to go to bed:

Sleeping Basset

We will definitely be going again next year!


Might as well leave the week with one more picture of Kingsley:
Kingsley relaxing

After a long week I’m really looking forward to the weekend and quality time with my favourite boy.

Laughing Basset…..

I love this picture of Kingsley because I think it looks like he’s laughing.
Laughing Basset

I believe he’s laughing at me and not with me because that’s the kind of basset he is.

Kingsley and Me….

Kingsley Couch

This weekend the weather was miserable. Even before it started snowing it was grey and gloomy out, Kingsley and I went out for a walk Saturday morning and I took him for the long loop not knowing what the weather would be like later. If he doesn’t get enough of a walk he becomes whiney and cranky.

Then we came home and cozied in on the couch, me with a cup of tea and the basset happily snoring and drooling next to me. Flicking through the channels on the t.v. I discovered “Marley and Me” was on. I should not watch this movie, I know I should not watch this movie but I can’t help myself.

The tale of a misbehaving labrador brings back all the memories of a misbehaving basset and how now I can laugh at all his misadventures. As the movie approaches the end I start to cry, that crying will turn into sobbing that will last well past the movie and Kingsley will want to shake free from me holding him. He’s been through this before.

This time though just before the end the door buzzer went, it was the census guy so I buzzed him in. I wiped my eyes and tried to look like I wasn’t crying. As I opened the door Kingsley had to stick his nose out and greet the new person. The guy greeted him enthusiastically and asked his name, his age and then…….. how long do they live???

Well I started crying, while choking out forever. Suddenly a fun encounter had turned incredibly awkward. He took up his pen and clip board and I snuffled and tried to stop crying as he asked the questions. I was also kneeling down hugging Kingsley, so he had kneeled down to ask the questions. As he left he said “He’s in good shape, lot of life left in him…..”

With that Kingsley and I went back inside just in time for the end of “Marley and Me”. Kingsley seemed to understand and sat half on my lap as I watched the end and sobbed. Pets become such a part of our lives and while they are with us we can’t even imagine life without them and maybe that’s why I don’t like to watch “Marley and Me” it reminds us that they won’t be with us forever.

While he is with me I will enjoy Kingsley and get in as many basset naps as possible, which is what we did after the movie. Curling up spooning with the basset is my favourite way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Long Weekend!

It’s a long weekend and I have the basset.

My plan is to clean up a bit around the house, grocery shopping, a bike ride or two and a nap or three. I love a good nap. Read for a bit, have a few smarties and then curl up with the basset. One of my favourite things in life is a good nap with the basset.

The basset is a good napper as he is demonstrating here:

Mr. Kingsley!

Walking Kingsley Part 5

After the walk he loves to sit outside and watch the world go by, just to wind down:

Then he’ll lie down for a bit:

When he’s ready (and not before) he comes inside and goes back to the couch:

Walking Kingsley Part 4

Finally we make it to the park and this is where the basset starts to move.

He loves it, look at my happy boy:

He still has to sniff around and check everything out:

Stalk a few things and remind me that he IS a hunting dog:

Also I no longer need patience, I can just let him go: