Today This Is Where I Wish I Was….

On a beach in Honolulu, playing in the surfing and soaking up some sun.

Honolulu Beach

Instead I am at work having to deal with a situation that I thought was over. On the bright side I get recognized at the company town hall for fifteen years of service. I can’t believe I’ve been at the same company that long (well April 1st is my anniversary date) and with that comes mixed feelings. On the one hand I’m proud of being there so long, on the other I wonder what happened and when I will decide what I want to be when I grow up.

If the situation turns messy I’ll just close my eyes and think of the beach.

Three Months Of Blogging

Today is three months since I started my blog. I love it but not just the writing but the whole blogging community. I took a course and my instructor had mentioned the blogging community. Until I started getting involved on twitter, stumbleupon and promoting my blog did I understand that phrase fully.

I’ve read blogs for years, I love blogs. After reading blogs for a decade and thinking “I could do that” I finally did. Is it great? No my blog is a work in progress, there is a learning curve but I’m feeling good about it.

What I really like is that I am reading even more blogs now. You know the phrase “there’s an app for that” well it’s very similar with blogs. Want to know something, learn something, experience something vicariously? There is a blog for that.

What I have learned in the short three months is there are so many people traveling. So many who have quit their jobs to see the world. I find this inspiring and have discoverd dozens and dozens of wonderful blogs by adventurous souls. I hope to be one and now I know it can be done.

I’ve been cooking more. The number of food blogs out there is staggering. I have new favourite cookies. Nutella cookies, that are so good for breakfast (yes breakfast). I’ve made soups, stews and have a growing list of recipes to try.

I’ve laughed at single women documenting their pursuit of love.

The other thing I have learned is I never tire of puppy pictures. Yawning, playing, sleeping, sitting. Show me a puppy picture and I will go “Awwwww…..”

I am in the process of compiling my list of favourite blogs and will have that ready to go hopefully by the New Year. It’s not a best of list because I’m not sure how you would even begin to sift through all the blogs to find the best.

As I continue to blog and wander farther down the path I look forward to discovering more and more great blogs that inspire me, educate me and make me laugh.