Calgary Floods

This is a bridge that I have crossed so many times by foot, on my bike, walking dogs, hanging with friends that I couldn’t even guess how many times I’ve crossed it:

Sandy Beach Bridge 2012

Now it looks like this:

Sandy Beach Flood 2013 - 2

Calgary was flooded by the Elbow and Bow rivers, more than I have ever seen. Over twenty neighbourhoods were evacuated, somewhere between 75,000 and 100,000 people estimated to have been displaced from their homes. One friend cleared as much of her stuff as she could from the ground floor of her two storey condo, never really thinking that the flood would ever reach her place. It did. Thankfully her place is not too bad, considering.

A friend who lives in Bowness had their street turn into a river and the damage to their home is unbelievable. I am lucky, I live in Bankview. All I can do is offer help to friends who need it and also stay away from the affected zones so as not to make a nuisance of myself.  There are enough photo’s to be found online that I don’t need to go out and add to the problem.

I did venture out on Friday to Safeway WHOA, I have never seen the Safeway that packed. Like another friend who has a blog I also felt like maybe I should be buying water. (here is a link to her blog and she also links to sites if you would like to know how to help Girl In A Boyhouse ) Water seemed to be the item of choice but I had a lot of water at home after filling up some jugs and such. Still with so many buying water it makes you wonder. I was pretty sure I would be okay so I just opted to get some food, less than 15 items so I didn’t have to wait in as long of a line.

Then off to the gas station which was also lined up, so I skipped it and just headed home on my scooter. I was wondering if maybe I wasn’t taking this as seriously as I should? People seemed to be preparing for the apocalypse. I knew the flood was bad but did I need more than a weeks worth of food? I had enough pasta at home to last me for months if need be but then I would need water to boil it. Hmmm…. I decided to just assume I would be okay with what I had. Denial is my favourite state!

Then I pretty much sat around feeling helpless. There really wasn’t much I could do except stay in and out of the way. Watch the news and hope that my friends were all okay. I was suppose to have Kingsley my dog but he was on the other side of the river and so had to stay there. At least I knew he was safe and sound.

Now it is Sunday and as the water recedes Calgary doesn’t look the same and the magnitude of the clean up ahead is very daunting. I do have faith that everybody will pull together and help out. The City has been so good at this time. Mayor Nenshi has been great giving updates, wishing he could invoke Darwin’s Law for people who don’t seem to understand that the river is CLOSED. The police, firefighters and all other city workers have been working overtime to ensure the safety of the people of Calgary.

Thank you to all of them.

Now I will see what happens this week, how I can possibly help and feeling for all the people who have been affected by the floods.

Here are a few more pictures from Sandy Beach yesterday, the water levels are going down but the water is still so murky and rushing along:

Sandy Beach Flood 2013 - 3 Sandy Beach Flood 2013 - 1 Sandy Beach Flood 2013 - 4


I have a bunch of photo’s of rocks, or the side of mountains with moss/lichen.
Not sure of the difference, soon I will have time to look up the difference.
Rocks 1 Rocks 2 Rocks 3

I quit my job last week and have two weeks left. The countdown to unemployment has begun. Excitement, anticipation and fear are my competing emotions these days.

While I am excited to have the time off, be able to focus on my interests and sit in my pajamas as long as I like, there is also and underlying voice saying “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?????”

I haven’t been unemployed for eighteen years and the job I’m leaving is not bad but not good for me anymore. While I know this is the right move it’s hard to tell the freak-out overly sensible part of my brain that everything is going to be fine, I can find another job, another pay cheque. A better one.

So today it’s pictures of rocks, symbolizing standing by my decision and knowing it’s the right move. Giving the scared part something solid to stand on.

Hopefully the whiney biatch in me will see the light and shut up. I’ll work on my resume tomorrow and make her feel a little better. Also come up with a plan and a schedule for my time off, that should appease her a bit.

An Amazing View!

Favourite Banff Photo

My favourite photo from my trip to the top of Sulphur Mountain, the conditions on that day could not have been more perfect!

Sulphur Mountain Dramatic

My camera has a “dramatic” setting and with the mountains the effect is quite beautiful.
Sulphur Mountain Dramatic 1 Sulphur Mountain Dramatic 2 Sulphur Mountain Dramatic 3

Sulphur Mountain Views

Not much to say here, just photos from the perfect day on top of Sulphur Mountain!
Sulphur Mountain 3 Sulphur Mountain 4 Sulphur Mountain 5 Sulphur Mountain 6 Sulphur Mountain 7 Sulphur Mountain 8

Sulphur Mountain Gondola

Sulphur Mountain Gondola
The day went up the Sulphur Mountain Gondola was perfect. The sky was clear and blue, the mountains looked amazing, there was almost no wind and it was a decent temperature!

I haven’t been up the gondola in years and it’s easy to forget how beautiful it is. Also it’s a great place to think about things, especially the day I went. It was really quiet and not many people were around. It was the perfect place for me to figure things out.

Here are some views and I’ll share more over the next few days!
Sulphur Mountain View 2 Sulphur Mountain View 1

Banff Upper Hot Springs

While in Banff I stopped at the Upper Hot Springs and was glad I did!
Upper Hot Spring Sign

I had heard that it was closed but on the beautiful sunny day that I arrived, it was open. It is so nice to sit in a hot pool, relax and take in the beautiful views. It was a great end to my wonderful few days in Banff. A much needed break that gave me time to think, clear my head and make a difficult decision. More on that tomorrow.

Today I’ll just imagine sitting in a wonderful pool, enjoying the sun and preparing to take a huge step towards changing my life.
Upper Hot Spring

Funny Signs In Banff

It’s one of my favourite things, how to convey things through images.
Trip Sign

That one is totally meant for me, if there is something to trip over or hit my head on I’m tripping or hitting my head. Sometimes signs don’t help, I see the sign, it registers but I trip or hit my head anyway.
Slip Sign (Beer)

This one needs to have a beer drawn in his hand and a “Woo Hoo” balloon over his head!
Slipper Winter Conditions

Very slippery in Banff, lots of signs of people slipping. That day it was pretty clear but still a few slippery parts where I clung onto the hand rails like an old lady afraid of breaking a hip. Oh wait I am an “older” lady afraid of breaking a hip………….