The Oscars!

I love the Oscars, I look forward to them every year.

Seth Macfarlane did a pretty good job I thought. I wonder if Chris Brown and Mel Gibson are going to hold a grudge. Few could throw the jokes like Macfarlane did without fear of retribution. Although I agreed with William Shatner Tina and Amy should host everything!

The dresses were as always beautiful, loved Jennifer Lawrence’s and Halle Berry OMG she is just amazing. Charlize Theron with the short hair, love. Although I hear a little crazy. Clooney always a handsome man and is it just me or is Stacey looking less trashy these days?

The Les Miserables song one of my favourite parts, partially because I love Helena Bonham Carter, she’ll always be Lucy Honeychurch to me. Also confirmed that Russell Crowe really can’t sing.

I don’t really care who wins and there were no big surprises. Anne Hathaway’s acceptance speech was much less annoying than I thought it would be. If she could just learn to cut it off just a moment sooner. Anybody else find the darts on her dress really distracting? Loved her hair though, really suits her.

Really liked Adele, loved her dress. What a voice it must be amazing to be able to sing like that. I’m more in the Russell Crowe category of please, please don’t sing, you’ll upset the dog. Love Adele accepting awards, seems like the kinda gal that would be fun to hang out with.

Barbara singing Memories, that song always brings back the memory of my Mother bawling during The Way We Were. My Mother was pretty much inconsolable when watching that film from start to finish just hand her a box of kleenex.

Chicago was ten years ago? Really? I feel old.

Jennifer Lawrence! Happy for her but that was a tough category, lot of great performances this year.

DDL great acceptance speech. Would love to see DDL as Maggie Thatcher.

Is anybody cooler than Jack Nicholson? Michele Obama, really? Love that Jack called her Obama “Obama do you have the envelope?”

Argo best picture, best thing that ever happened was Ben not getting nominated for best director. With best picture we George on stage as well!

So for the next week we get best and worst dressed, reactions from the winners and losers. Very unproductive couple of days at work coming up. Then the race starts up again for next year when maybe Tina and Amy will host!

Grammys and Whitney

A picture of the Academie Nationale De Musique in Paris:

Today’s post however is not about Paris but about the Grammys and Whitney Houston.

I love the Grammys and this year we got a beautiful performance from Adele who cleaned up and deserved to.

The show opened with Bruce Springsteen and well, Glory Days Bruce, I’m over Bruce. Now everything sounds like truck commercial. I just don’t find Bruce interesting anymore (sue me).

Then a prayer for and a reminder of Whitney’s voice. Oh that voice, a fan or not her voice was amazing. It’s easy to forget sometimes how talented she was. More on Whitney later.

Bruno Mars and the whole band in gold blazers and bow ties, now that I can totally get into! Oh yeah, count me in! That was a really good performance.

Adele wins, blah, blah, blah more performances. Reba wears a terrible dress, Kelly Clarkson needs a better hair stylist.

Foo Fighters! Love Dave Grohl (he’s on the list, yeah that list). They never disappoint. So glad they won! Woo Hoo!

Rihanna into Coldplay kind of a buzz kill. Just not a big Chris Martin fan (yes there are some Coldplay songs I like but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them).

Can’t stand Maroon Five (some of you might be wondering at this point why I bother watching well it’s because award shows are a guilty pleasure for me AND I like Foster the People).

Beach Boys were a little hard to watch, did Brian know where he was?

(A Foster The People side note, my friend met the lead singer at SXSW and has the same name as his Mom, so he just fawned all over her. She also once had pizza with members of The Whigs and Kings of Leon at Death Metal Pizza also at SXSW)

Stevie Wonder! LOVE LOVE LOVE Stevie!

Now I will just preface this with I love The Beatles, I love Wings, I love some of the solo stuff. But now I just have a tendency to feel embarrassed for Paul, it’s uncomfortable to watch him (like the Beach Boys). I wish Stevie had performed instead.

God Adele has an AMAZING voice! Her performance was my favourite. Not sure how I feel about the blonde hair. I think I liked it red more.

Glen Campbell! I LOVE Rhinestone Cowboy it reminds of the eight track my Mom used to have. I really enjoyed his performance. I need to get some Glen Campbell on my ipod.

More performances, more winners. I got too lazy to keep commenting. All in all a pretty good show. What did you think?

Which brings us to the other news of the weekend.

Whitney Houston found unresponsive in the bathtub and pronounced dead at 3:55pm on Saturday.

Shocked? No. Surprised? Always surprised when it actually happens. Another cautionary tale. Wonderful young talent, so full of promise, marries a bad boy and struggles with the slippery slope of addiction. She said she had cleaned up but pictures of her from Thursday do not show a woman with her act together. The story plays out a lot with celebrities and sadly leads to the same end.

She was a big part of my misspent youth when she …. just wanted to dance with somebody…. when she just wanted to know if he really loved her (she said a prayer with every heartbeat) and of course “I will always love you”. The song that we used to sing along to on road trips, wailing away at the top of our lungs. Thankfully nobody but the ones in the car had to hear that and they were to busy singing at the top of their lungs to notice my horrendous singing skills. We would have never admitted to liking Whitney at the time but we always sang along with her.

RIP Whitney Houston