Nathan Our Wonderful Host Jökulsárlón Boat

Jökulsárlón Boat 10

On the boat we had Nathan as our guide. He spoke about the icebergs, whey they are blue. Something to do with the the way the light refracts through the ice.

Also how pure the ice is and how clear, he explained all this while hugging a huge block of ice. He was very passionate about the ice. He also explained the about the wildlife in the area, including sea lions!

Then he offered everybody a small chunk of pure ice. It was just like a chunk of ice but I couldn’t refuse from such a handsome enthusiastic guide.

Jökulsárlón Boat 7

A Good Old Ice Cube

Jökulsárlón Ice

Just a block of ice.

In comparison to the other large chunks this is a glacial ice cube. Clean, clear, hundreds of  years old, pure ice. It’s hard to show how clear it is in a picture but in person it was like glass.

It being Friday today would be lovely to have that ice to put into my drink after a long week, even better if that drink was the blueberry liqueur that you can find in Iceland. SO GOOD.

The Beauty of Ice

Jökulsárlón 2

Today how about a few pictures of ice floating in Jökulsárlón. You can see in the shadows that they go deep under the water.

I can look at these photos all the time and never tire of them. They take me back to the calm, serene feeling that I had when I first saw them. A reminder again that all things are possible and not to be so petty.

Jökulsárlón 1

Beauty In An Unforgiving Terrain

Jökulsárlón 3

Spring doesn’t come to glaciers. The terrain is unforgiving and you can’t shape it to what you want. You could try but with melting, shifting and cracking what you build can be gone in an instant. At Jökulsárlón the glacial lagoon you can hear the CRACK and splash of large chunks of ice falling off, you can hear the CRACK of an iceberg shifting and cracking, making a new crevice, revealing more of that beautiful blue colour. A terrain that is always changing and evolving.

So beautiful though and somehow inviting in how rugged it is.

Jökulsárlón 6


Jökulsárlón 5

The name means glacial river lagoon a large glacial lake. Icebergs floating along in the water, looking so surreal. They really do look blue, it’s something to do with the way the light refracts through them…. off of them? Something like that.

There is a boat tour that I did do but before the tour you can wander the shore of the lake and just look at the wonder of it all. The air was really crisp and cool. Very still, there was a stillness about the place that really brought me a sense of calm. It will be added to the list of places I have been where my mind just seemed to clear. It was so calm there that suddenly the constant rattling of my mind seemed to slow and my poor over worked brain got a break. It got to relax and just take in the scenery.

Places like this are few and far between but seem to have the effect of shaking out a lot of the needless noise and worry that cloud our thoughts. Even after leaving the effects linger and my path, my goals suddenly seem not just clearer but possible. Also these places tend to be a dumping ground for old grievances and petty resentments that I was holding onto for whatever reason. Suddenly in the beauty and stillness of a place such as Jökulsárlón they just don’t seem to matter.

Back At It…..

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lake

Above is a picture from a glacier lake called Jökulsárlón it is such a beautiful place and now that I am getting myself all organized I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. 

Okay time to get back to business on the blog. I’ve been lazy the last month or two, ever since Kingsley passed away. My beautiful basset passing on kind of shook my life up, even though I didn’t have him all the time but just knowing he was there and I would see him soon could brighten my day. Now the random crying has pretty much stopped and I remember him with a smile.

So now it is time to get back to a routine and back to ICELAND!

Forgive me Iceland I kinda dropped off my posts in the middle of the tour and so I will now carry on. Looking back at the pictures and getting myself organized again has me dreaming of going pack and soon Iceland Air will be flying out of Edmonton which would make it even easier for me to make my way back.

New Black Boots!

New Black Boots

Yesterday I wrote about the demise of my favourite black boots that had taken me everywhere. It was like the end of a relationship and looking for new boots I realized I wasn’t really ready to move on. None that I looked at seemed right. Too shiny, didn’t like the buckle, the sole didn’t look sturdy enough, the heel was wrong, the leather wasn’t right, they weren’t lined, they had too much lining. Plowing through the stores I dismissed one pair after another to the chagrin of the sales lady. Who kept looking at me like I was a looney, after all I was the one who had declared that I NEEDED a pair of boots NOW.

This was true, I did need a pair but I needed the right pair. Boots are not cheap and didn’t want to replace a pair of “I guess they’ll do” boots.

She pointed out one lovely pair after another but many knee high black boots are not made for walking long distances, they are made for show. To look nice, to get you from car to office or for strolling through the mall or whatever people do in pretty black boots. Or you can get the really beautifully made ones like Frye but they aren’t lined and the soles are terrible on ice. I wanted a really pretty pair of functional boots, they are hard to find.

Then I saw the new ones, at first I wasn’t sure. Did I want the zipper up the side? Would they go with everything? They were lined. The sole looked like it could handle walking. The leather was soft and not too shiny (shiny dies quickly with the salt on the roads and shows scuffs way more than a matt black pair) and as I kept looking at the others the I knew weren’t right I warmed up to them. Okay I’ll give them a try.

The wonderfully patient sales lady at Arnold Churgin’s went to get my size but they didn’t have my size which is 7.5, they don’t come in half sizes. Okay so she brought me a 7 and an 8, it was worth a shot.

I tried the 8 on first, I could only try the right one on because with the zipper broken on my old boots if I took that boot off I would HAVE to buy a pair of boots because I wouldn’t be able to get the zipper done up again. The sales lady was really nice and understanding. I liked her. The 8 fit perfectly. I was wearing thin socks and they were comfortable but there was easily room for a thicker sock for colder days. If wearing boots in the cold you must be able to wiggle your toes or they will freeze. The calf fit no problem, zipped right up! I once had a problem with boots that when zipped up were so tight my feet would fall asleep, they looked really good but I couldn’t wear them for long periods of time and they never broke in as the sales person had promised. I tried, oh boy how I tried to break those boots in. Now my boots or shoes must fit from the moment I buy them, I’m not falling for the “they’ll stretch” or “they’ll soften up and give” arguments. In my experience this is generally not true.

Although I do have some beautiful bottle green penny loafers that while comfortable with socks took a while to break in enough to wear them without socks but they were still comfortable with socks when I bought them and they were BOTTLE GREEN PENNY LOAFERS!!!!!!!!!!

I still love those shoes so much and the leather did soften, conform to my feet and now I can wear them with or without socks. The girl who sold me those had a pair on and told me it took her a month of wearing them with socks before she could wear them without and I would say that was about right.

Anyway back to the boots, they fit they had a bit of bounce when walking, didn’t slip at the heel and looked pretty great. The zipper blended in, instead of standing out.

I said I thought they were the ones and asked if I could return them for a different size if when I got home the other one didn’t fit but I was pretty sure they would be fine. The sales lady made me try the 7 on just to see how it fit.

Terrible, it was tight across my foot, the arch hit at the wrong place and the calf was so tight I didn’t think I would be able to get a pair of jeans tucked into them. I’d been down that road before so they were a definite no.

When trying on shoes or boots in my experience you know right away if they are right. Trust your instincts and don’t listen to the sales person trying to make a sale. They may look great but if they aren’t comfortable you won’t wear them, it’s not worth it.

When I got my new boots home I tried both on, after cutting the zipper on my old ones so I could take the left boot off. So sad, good-bye old boots.

I tried the new ones on with the dress I had worn to work, perfect. I tried them with jeans and they zipped up no problem! They even had enough room so that I didn’t get the balloon effect where the jeans bunch out over the boot, again perfect. I put the jeans over the boot and liked the way that looked, although knowing me I’ll always tuck them in. I tried them on with thick socks and again, perfect. Then I sprayed them with protector and put boot wax on, a clear wax that protects them way better than the spray against the salty, snowy roads and keeps the leather soft.

While I am still sad that I had to say good-bye to my old favourite stomping boots, I am warming up to the new pair.

Tomorrow morning I will head off to work to try them out for the long haul for the first time, 5km at seven in the morning.

It is what I hope will be the start of another beautiful relationship and I wonder where these ones will take me.