Beach Hawaii

Looking through my pictures I found the one above.

What it told me was it’s time to figure out my next vacation. Something to look forward to and plan for.

There are a few ideas floating around I just need to pick one and book it!

Seeing the Hawaiian beach it looks tempting, sun, sand, surf. Chill out get some macadamia nut ice cream or some Kona coffee. I could get used to a life like that.

Funny thing is my next vacation will not be sun, sand and beach.

When I have it booked I’ll let you know more (also big plans for next year)!

The North Shore!

What would a trip to Hawaii be without seeing surfers?

It was our last day and on the tour one of the stops was the North Shore. I would have loved to sit and watch the surfers all day. It’s amazing what they do and looks like SO MUCH FUN!

Beautiful day but definitely did not have enough time there. When I go back I’ll spend a whole day!
Surfers 4 Surfers 3 Surfers 2 Surfers 1

It Fell From A Tree

I saw this tree in Hawaii, a very pretty tree:
Cool Tree Hawaii

Then under the tree this is what they look like open and dry, which I thought was pretty cool. Not sure what kind of tree or what they are but for a moment on that day they made me happy:
Cool Pod Hawaii

This Is How I Feel Today

Stormy Hawaii

Still Hawaii, a black and white shot from the boat.

Is it a storm coming in or just leaving? Are the clouds coming or going?

There is something happening but the light is still coming through. I can see the light….. I think. It’s been a long week with work being super busy and a bit of the unknown. A meeting tomorrow with my boss, concerning some performance issues from the beginning of last year. At the beginning of last year I fell apart and I can’t believe we’re still talking about it.

Also had a session with Rita, a 3 in 1 practitioner who I call my counsellor. Found at the beginning of the year and she has been such a great help to me. Such a contrast to the first counsellor I sought out many years ago, there is a story I’ll tell one day. Slowly I’m understanding so much of what motivates me and what holds me back. More importantly I’m learning why. Today was a lot to take in, it is a process and now I’m feeling like I’m getting somewhere. I’m feeling drained, still processing everything that we covered.

Also it must be something in the air because I know another who is having a hard time. All things will pass, they will get better, I believe.

I also believe this time next week I will be in San Diego soaking up the sun, today just a memory.

What A Beautiful Cock

(sorry couldn’t resist, I found him in a park in Honolulu)

But he really is beautiful:
Rooster (cock) 2

Seems to have many friends:
Rooster (cock) 4 Rooster (cock) 3

Then walked away when he was done:
Rooster (cock) 1

Today This Is Where I Wish I Was….

On a beach in Honolulu, playing in the surfing and soaking up some sun.

Honolulu Beach

Instead I am at work having to deal with a situation that I thought was over. On the bright side I get recognized at the company town hall for fifteen years of service. I can’t believe I’ve been at the same company that long (well April 1st is my anniversary date) and with that comes mixed feelings. On the one hand I’m proud of being there so long, on the other I wonder what happened and when I will decide what I want to be when I grow up.

If the situation turns messy I’ll just close my eyes and think of the beach.

Beautiful Scenery

On the ship heading back towards Honolulu we passed some amazing scenery.

Sitting on the balcony watching it go by on a beautiful sunny day, life was good.

Scenery Hawaii 5 Scenery Hawaii 2 Scenery Hawaii 1 Scenery Hawaii 4 Scenery Hawaii 3

Hawaiian Sunset

How about a sunset picture from Hawaii for a Friday.

Wish I was there now enjoying a cocktail, relaxing and forgetting about the chaos of work.

Hawaiian Sunset