Galapagos Sunset


Another Beautiful Galapagos View

Sea Shot Galapagos

Galapagos Beautiful Colours

Beautiful Galapagos 2

Chillin’ Seal

He’s just happy that Christmas is over for another year:

Another Seal

Merry Christmas!

For Christmas how about some more Marine Iguanas, maybe I should have photoshopped some santa hats on them:

Christmas Iguanas

Beautiful Galapagos!

Beautiful Galapagos

Marine Iguanas!

Iguanas EVERYWHERE! Living in Calgary, AB, Canada I don’t see lizards or many reptiles at all. So when I got off the boat and saw SO MANY Marine Iguanas I think I squealed.

They are adorable and some of these guys do get a little fidgety if you get too close.

Marine IguanasAlso they blow salt water out through their nose. Suddenly you hear a snort and see a blast of salt water come out of one of their noses. It made me smile. I tried to get a picture but timing was not on my side.

Marine Iguana Bird

Marine Iguana Seal

Marine Iguana

Also you can see their tracks in the sand, their tails are really heavy and leave a very distinctive trail behind.Marine Iguana Trail

Baby Albatross!

OMG this is a baby albatross:

Baby Albatross

So adorable! The babies almost look bigger than the adults because of the fluffy downy feathers. They are awkward and they squawk, the baby albatross is a living cartoon.

Two Baby Albatross

The adults are not far off and on land look very clumsy and kind of waddle like a weeble when they walk.

Wobbly Albatross

Side to side these birds are not made for land. Then as one waddles off the cliff, they really do just kind of throw themselves off, it takes flight and suddenly it is graceful and beautiful. Albatross are amazing fliers and in the air they are a sight to behold.

Flying Albatross