There’s one in every car…… you’ll see……

Repo man

Every time I got into the van on the Iceland tour I saw the pine air freshener and all I could think of was Repo Man. The classic 1984 movie with Emilio Estevez. I giggled every time wondering if there were aliens in the cooler in the back. There weren’t.

I also wondered if that’s how Tom Cruise found Scientology, everybody else left the movie wanting to have a TV Party with Suicidal Tendencies and Tom went out and bought Dianetics (it’s called DIORETIX in the film) because he related more with the agents, who reference the book several times. As it turns out no, apparently it was his first wife Mimi Rogers who introduced him to Scientology….. perhaps by taking him to Repo Man???

Also did you know all the Repo Men in the film are named after beers?

Basset Weekend!

Kingsley home 2

This is the first time I’ve seen Kingsley in three weeks. After the trip to Iceland I had to wait another week for my weekend to see the dog. I share him, my ex and I have a custody agreement about the dog. The arrangement has worked out really well for six years.

When Kingsley arrived he was aloof and stand-offish, I started to wonder if he had heard about the dog I met in Iceland. The CUTEST, SWEETEST little Icelandic sheepdog. So my boy was giving me the cold shoulder.

Kingsley home 1

Then we talked about it and I assured him that he was still my number one, I think he was listening.

Kingsley home 3

I gave him a chew stick, his favourite. He got distracted trying to hide it and forgot about being mad at me.

Kingsley home 4

He tried out several hiding places.

Kingsley home 6

Kingsley home 5

By the end of the night everything was back to normal.

Kingsley excitement

I think he was excited to see me again…… Basset excitement is the best, very subtle but the best.

Back To Work ……

Kingsley Sleeping

No more afternoon naps.

After having the whole summer off I am back to work on Monday, 8 am.

Having the summer off was wonderful and just what I needed after a year of feeling burnt out and frustrated in a job that I no longer enjoyed. The people I liked, the job not so much. It was strange at first to get used to the idea that I had nowhere to go, nowhere to be. Even in a week or two weeks I had no job to return to and it took a few weeks to stop thinking about deadlines and what was due when.

Once I did let go I totally relaxed into unemployment. I filled my days with yoga, cycling, naps, reading, writing and organizing my home. Lots of writing that now needs to be organized into something and will require a hell of a lot of editing to clean it up and polish it off. I enjoyed the life of an unemployed wanna be writer and loved it.

Now three months and an amazing trip to Iceland later I am ready to return to work. I interviewed for my new job in July and found out a week before I was to leave for my trip that I got the job. I am excited about the new job, a good company and also what I think will be a great group to work with. Could not have worked out any better and a lesson in you can throw caution to the wind and trust the universe.

I am also ready to get back to the blog and boy do I have a great trip to share with you. I went to Iceland and did a circle tour, Iceland is spectacular and I can’t wait to go back. Hopefullly sooner rather than later.

New Television!

New Televison

That’s my new television, the new Toshiba takes the place of my old Samsung which I had for over fifteen years. It was starting to require witchcraft to get it to start and sometimes when I went to change the volume it would change the channel, sometimes the volume wouldn’t come on when I started it up and it had started turning off randomly. I guess it was tired and getting senile.

After fifteen years at the job I just left I got to pick a long term employee gift and although the pitching machine was tempting (can be used indoors or outdoors! Who chooses a pitching machine???) I went with the new television. It’s nicer than one I would buy for myself and now that I have it I love it. Although getting it delivered was a bit of a gong show but UPS and I eventually got it all sorted out. Setting it up was easy once I went and upgraded to an hdtv box and got new video cord for my dvd player. Now we are all set!

I am discovering a new bigger t.v. is the biggest time waster EVER! Now I’m watching everything and it’s perfect for watching the Tour de France, was GREAT for Wimbledon and for all the other crap ass t.v. that I am discovering. I’m going to have to make some rules and make myself turn it off if I want to get anything done. Even Coronation Street looks way better! Also I have a list of movies I want to watch on it, particularly Jane Austen movies which tend to have great English countryside scenery. Perhaps the fall/winter would have been a good time to get a new t.v., when I’m indoors more because it’s cold outside.

I am though very happy to have it and look forward to all the movies and shows that I will be watching on a much bigger brighter picture. Starting tomorrow I will be banning it from afternoon use in the hopes I can stick with my productive summer plan.

Week Two


This is the look Kingsley keeps giving me as I explain my plans for the week. The dog couldn’t care less and is wondering where the treat I promised him is.

After a busy weekend of visiting with Becca, my wonderful friend who lives in London and also getting to see Debbie and Carrie (they came to see Becca) it is now time to get back to the plan.

Last week I did pretty good, I made it to yoga, got most of my house in order and started to organize my writing. Now I figure with the time off I need to pick it up before I get into the habit of sitting on my ass. I like to sit on my ass and can be totally mesmerized by bad daytime t.v., except for Dr. Oz. He makes me yell at the t.v. not sure why but Dr. Oz makes me angry, perhaps he pissed me off in a previous life.

I’m finally not thinking of work as much, a very hard habit to break. Now I need to pick it up and work in cycling. Even though I now that first ride is going to suck….. but the only way to improve is to get out and do it. So on the bike I will get spending too much energy whining to myself about the hills.

Then I need to pick up the writing, turn off the t.v. and sit and get it done, something done. Much of it will be crap but you have to start somewhere, so I’ll start with writing a whole bunch of garbage that will eventually be tossed in the trash. Hopefully there will also be some good stuff and possibly a gem or two.

The other nice thing about being unemployed is having the time to read, have you read “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier. It’s so good, how have I missed this one over the years? But what is the heroine’s name????????

How can you have a whole book narrated by a woman and never find out her name?

Laying around…..

Cows Laying Around

Laying around just like the cows…………

I’m into my first week of unemployment and I’m still thinking of work. What’s due, what needs to be done, thinking of how the people I passed the work on to are doing. I hope they do well, both are relatively new to the company but they are both competent so I’m sure they’ll be fine.

Forget about it, right? That’s what I keep hearing, it’s not my problem any more. True and I’m slowly getting used to the idea that not only am I off work but I have no work to go to. My plan had been pretty ambitious when I left involving yoga, cleaning my home and writing.

This week I’ve been a little lazy, tired and it was rainy for a few days. I’ve been reading my new book “The House At The End Of Hope Street” by Menna Van Praag it’s really good. Totally recommend it. Also I had to watch Game of Thrones again, holy Game of Thrones. It’s actually one of the things I like about it, the characters aren’t safe. In the Game of Thrones you win or die.

I have been to yoga twice, only missing Monday (Mom had a Dr.’s appointment, she’s all good!). It feels good to be back at yoga, I had fallen out of it for a bit and am still feeling creaky. Now I just need to keep it up. The house I’ve been lax on so tomorrow it’s time to get at it as I have a friend coming to stay. Need to get the spare room sorted out for her, that’s what closets are for right? Just shove all the crap in the closet and deal with it later. NO! The writing I’ve been slowly organizing and sorting what I have. I really need to sit down and get at it.

It’s only really been a few days though, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. Although I also need to make sure that I don’t slip into being lazy and not accomplishing what I took the time off to do.

I’ll get up tomorrow and with my to do list in hand I’ll tackle the day!

Shouldn’t be hard to get into the habit as I’ve already realized in these few days that daytime t.v. sucks.

OMG I’m Unemployed!


This is a picture of a lion that sat on my desk for over ten years. He was the one I complained to, thought of unleashing on engineers that were bothering me (and later project managers). I have a vivid imagination thinking of him doing the dirty work was able to keep my thoughts to myself, except for the eye roll (always had a problem suppressing that).

He was given to me in 2003 after Roy (of Seigfried and Roy) was bitten by Montecore, the “post it” says “Roy was delicious…..” He was given to me by one of my favourites who also had a slightly twisted (okay REALLY twisted) sense of humour. Now I look at him sitting in my living room and it still hasn’t sunk in that I am unemployed. I have no job, no benefits, no where to be, no deadlines I need to meet. Although I keep thinking of things that are due, timelines coming up and people I should contact. It’s a hard thing to shake.

I took a few weeks off from the blog because I was just tired, leaving as it turns out is exhausting. My head was partially thinking of everything I had to do at work, partially thinking of what I would do with my time off and partially thinking WTF have I done?

It was not a decision I came by lightly. I had been with the company and the previous one for fifteen years) Yes the last year had been hard and I don’t feel that I was treated fairly but that is not why I left. It had been building for some time that it was time to take a leap and try something new. Then a crappy start to the year, an ever growing feeling and oddly my horoscope all pointed to it being time. Both my Western horoscope and Chinese horoscope pointed to a year of change.

This is from my horoscope on my birthday, I had already given in my notice “In the year ahead, something you have been involved with for about nine years will end or diminish”.

The company I was with turns ten today. It has come to an end for me and the company. Ten years ago the company I started with merged with another. The former was a smaller company, run by the Irish and it felt like a family. The new company while there is still a lot of good people there no longer has that family feel. The supportive environment seems to be gone (in my experience) and so it is time to move on.

Now I can only think of the fun and crazy times I’ve had there. The number of good people who walked through those doors and the many that are still there. I’m not sure how it got so far away from where it started. Bureaucracy, people concerned with covering their asses and looking good on paper seemed to take over. I’m still trying to get back to centre after dealing with anxiety for much of last year and I realized I was not going to get better in that environment. On paper they wanted to be helpful but he actions didn’t match up.

So now I am taking the summer off, a gift to myself. Then I don’t know, I’m trying not to think about it right now. The realization that I don’t have a pay cheque coming in is freaking me out a bit. What I do have is time. Time to focus on what I want to do and taking care of myself. In the time off I am planning on doing yoga, cycling and writing.

No excuses now, if I always wanted to be a writer now is the time to put my money where my mouth is. I’m sure I’ll be writing a lot of crap but perhaps somewhere in all that I’ll find a gem or two. Maybe I’ll take those gems and incorporate them into an outline and develop some memorable characters. It is what I plan to focus on in the coming months.

Happy Birthday to me, one thing ending and an exciting new future beginning.

Last Monday!

Today is my last Monday at my job.

I have some training to do and some good bye lunches to go to. Also still need to clean my desk up. Fifteen years worth of stuff but mostly it’s the shoes I’ve accumulated that I will now have to bring home. Very strange to think that this time next week I will be unemployed and won’t have to get up or get dressed or catch a bus.

It’s different from a vacation because even with a vacation I always have work in the back of my mind. Now I won’t. A new chapter is about to start and now I’m impatient for it to begin. Still have some training to do and passing on some information and I just hope the week goes by quickly and without incident.