Happy Birthday! (. . . better early than late . . . .)


Okay it’s not until tomorrow but why not start celebrating today?

After the week you’ve had you deserve it!

So I dug out a few alpaca pictures for you, I know you like llama’s  and alpacas are pretty close. Also adorable to look at. If all else fails you can run away and start a llama/alpaca farm!

Okay maybe not.

DSCN0658 DSCN0652

Also found this picture of a Peruvian mini bar, still makes me chuckle.


Tomorrow kick back, twist the top of your wine and stuff a straw in it.


This is no time to worry about being classy. If you can squeeze in a bubble bath do that as well.

Things will get better, I’m just not sure when.

Remember I am available anytime for coffee, lunch, dinner, wine, bitching, complaining, gossiping, pretending that all this crap isn’t happening, whatever you need just call.

Lion In The Sun

Lion In The Sun

He looks like he’s relaxing, remembering to breathe.

Which is what I’ve been doing this week as I do my assignments for the photography course I’m taking. Trying to get the camera to do what I want it to do has been frustrating. With practice though I did manage to get my assignment done and my new camera and I are slowly getting to know each other.

Taking the course is certainly giving me a new appreciation for photographers who are able to get the camera to do what they want and get that amazing shot. Also kinda makes me miss the point and shoot a bit but the photos that I have gotten to work out have made it all worth it.

Fumble with the controls, swear at the camera, try again and after a few tries when the photo actually turns out the way you wanted it to, great sense of accomplishment!

Another class tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it. The frustration of learning I know will be worth it in the end and like the Lion above I need to remember to occasionally take a time out and just breathe.

I know I’m forgetting something . . . . . .

Elephant Bum

I’ve been home now with my Mom for almost a month and I’m happily settled in the basement. Not my ideal home but for saving money and getting settled back in Calgary it will work for now.

I’ve been checking off the things on my to do list and I’ve updated my resume, even started looking for a full-time job. I’ve been walking everyday.  I just keep thinking I’m forgetting something.

That’s why we have the elephant picture, I think he’s walking away with something I’m suppose to remember. The feeling has been with me for over a week and every time I think  I’ve remembered the elusive task it slips away. As far as I can tell I’ve got everything covered so I’ll just patiently wait for the rolodex in my brain to roll around to what I’m forgetting.

Maybe it’s nothing? In the meantime in between looking for a job I’ve been looking at travel ideas. Too many ideas, I need a lottery not a full-time job but so far I think this will be the year of bears. Grizzly Bears and Polar Bears!

First find job then book trips……… or book trips and the job will come?

Isn’t that how it works?

Happy New Year!


Well so far the New Year has started off a little lazy.

Okay a lot lazy but like the lion in the above picture I have plans for 2015!

I think the lion has plans, I would imagine he would, wouldn’t he? Lots and lots of plans and I figured I could use the first few days of January to rest up. I did just move back to Calgary and now that I’m settled in the real work begins.

That would be looking for work. Haven’t worked much this year and I’m looking forward to getting back to a routine. Starting today I start the job hunt and hopefully something pops up pretty soon. The charmed life has come to an end although the summer out on Vancouver Island and the trip to Africa were totally worth depleting my savings.

This year I have a few ideas of what I want to do. There is a one day Grizzly Bear tour I’d like to do in June and then August I might go see Polar Bears! Then the plan right now is February 2016 for Antarctica. The travel continues! Also a sunny stay in Hawaii next Christmas is in the works.

2015 is all about bears (I love bears) and also saving my pennies. I also just bought a new camera, my first actual DSLR and I’m signed up for courses on how to use it. I’m pretty excited about the photography courses which I’m sure will lead to me wanting to go back to every place I’ve already been to photograph them all again!

Actually I already want to do that, the problem with the travel bug is that the more places you visit, the more places you want to see, which leads to more places you want to go back to. Oh the vicious travel bug ……… love it!

Horses….. Good For The Soul

Carrie and Tic Tac
That is my friend Carrie and her horse Tic Tac. I got to meet Tic Tac for the first time on Sunday and what a sweet horse. Having just lost my dog, my Kingsley too soon (in my eyes too soon) a day spent with some horses was perfect.

Tic Tac is very huggable and was great support. I felt great after getting to know Tic Tac by brushing her, giving her some crab apples and her letting me give her a big hug.

I also met Dude who kept sneaking up behind me to snuffle my hair. Must have really liked the smell of my conditioner. He’s a big boy but so stealth, I often didn’t know he was there until I felt hot breath on my neck and his nose in my hair. I think he got his name because people kept asking “DUDE what are you doing?” Not really but that would be funny. He was lovely and I gave him a hug as well.

Also met these beauties, I can’t remember their names because I’m a bad person.
Horse Horse

All I have to say is that if you need some cheering up and some love find a horse to hug, works like a charm.

Sweetest Cat Ever

Ginger Cat
Well I don’t know if ever but this was one sweet little cat, who seemed to know I needed a hug.

On Saturday I went out to Bragg Creek, Alberta with my friend Carrie. We had a lovely lunch in a little cafe and enjoyed some fresh air and took a drive around. One of the roads had just recently been opened after the flood in June and Carrie wanted to see how everything looked. Some parts look really good and you can see how much clean up has happened, other parts not so good. A reminder of how devastating the flood was and that the clean up continues. Some won’t be rebuilding and it’s really sad to see some parts of the community that had been there so long now gone.

They also had scarecrows everywhere! Ones on bikes riding into poles, a wedding couple, a snowboarder, a cowboy, so many! I should have taken pictures but I was just enjoying the company and the day. Nice to see something that the whole community seems to be embracing and certainly more than one of them made us smile.

It was at the stable where Carrie keeps her horse that I met the cat. He literally came jogging over to me and basically started to climb up me as I picked him up. He put one paw on each shoulder and snuggled, purring into my hair. Best hug I’ve had in a long time and if he ever needed a home I’d take him in a minute.
Ginger Cat 2

Sheep Stink Eye

This little guy gave us the stink eye as we came upon him. How dare we disturb his lovely quiet time, he eventually shook his head and wandered away. Disgusted with the boisterous tourists appreciating the beauty of Iceland.

Sorry little fellow, hope you enjoyed the peace and quiet after we left.

Zombie Bull!