Market Kigali


We went to a market in Kigali and as usual I felt overwhelmed.

I’m a browser, I like to look at things and think about my purchases. In the market it’s the hard sell. It’s impossible to just browse without somebody trying to sell you whatever you are looking at. In the end I didn’t get anything, I’m don’t buy many souvenirs but in our group people did walk away with a leather hat, some straw bowls, earrings and some soap stone animals.

As we travelled further on our journey it became apparent that the market in Kigali was a really good deal. The prices went up in Uganda and then again in Kenya.


My favourite were the colourful beans, they almost look like a big bowl of smarties (and I love smarties).


They let me take a picture no problem and many pictures were fine but there were several women carrying items on their head just outside the market and they wanted to be paid for their picture. Not much and one in our group did pay them.

IMG_0491 IMG_0492