Spotted stingrays

A big part of the Galapagos trip is snorkeling. There are two snorkeling trips a day and I’m scared of fish. The first outing I was nervous but put my mask on and my flippers and after being told that being scared of fish is stupid (What do you think they are going to do? Eat you? That’s stupid………….) okay well since we cleared that up I took a deep breath and plunged into the water.

I like water and at first we were okay then I started swimming along with my face in the water, okay still good. Then I tried to breathe through my nose, why I don’t know which of course didn’t work and then gasping for air I started to splutter and panic. Then I took a deep breath, repositioned my mask and put the snorkel back in my mouth. That was better and then I just took my time floating along looking at all the fish. There was one more splutter incident but by the end of the first outing I as feeling really good.

I got more confident with each outing and ended up really enjoying it. I swam with fish (who as it turns out don’t want to eat you), also sea lions, sea turtles, we saw penguins who are too fast to swim with. Also so many fish of different colours, starfish (which I love) and sharks. Yep I swam with little sharks and didn’t TOTALLY freak out. In fact now I’m a fan of the snorkeling and can’t wait to do it again!


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