OMG I wandered around and didn’t get lost …….

Having a day to myself I wasn’t sure what to do. I am notorious for getting lost. In Cuzco while travelling with Becca (Team Squirrel! We have done several trips together and on this trip I missed her). Anyway Becca had a headache in Cuzco so I decided to let her rest and go out on my own. Just before I left the room Becca sat up and said “DON’T CROSS THE STREET!”

Yes Mom…….

If I don’t cross the street then I can’t get lost, as it turned out on that day in Cuzco everything I wanted was on the same block of our hotel.

On this day in Quito, I wanted to get out and I needed to find a post office. I asked for directions and found the post office, fairly close to the hotel. Score! Feeling confident I looked at a map and wandered down to a park and caught a bit of a performance. It was in Spanish so I didn’t understand much of it but it was still entertaining.

The Park:

Then I managed to find a church and wandered around the old town:

It was lovely and turning to come back I found my way with no problem.

Of course if you get lost in an unknown place you can always grab a cab back to the hotel.   I also found a little souvenir store and found a scarf I had been looking for and a new Alpaca sweater.

Alpaca is very warm and cozy, perfect for Canadian winters. Very pleased with my day I headed back to the hotel for a quick nap before meeting up with the group for the Galapagos cruise.