Christopher Moore

I LOVE Christopher Moore, I always count down the days when he has a new novel coming out. There is something for everyone, trust me he’s worth a read.

My favourite vampire trilogy was written by Christopher Moore:

An easy funny read, great characters and some over lap with:

Some of the same characters pop up. Vampires and Death (that’s the dirty job), how can you go wrong?

A fan of Shakespeare? How about Fool, the tale of King Lear told from the Fool’s perspective:

Ever wondered what Jesus’ life was like growing up? Then Lamb is for you, the story of Biff Jesus’ childhood friend:

Curious about the world of Art in Paris during the time of Van Gough and Henri Toulouse-Latrec then Sacre Bleu is a good choice:

There are many, many more and I’ve never been disappointed. His books are easy to read, the stories are well paced and there are always scenes that make me laugh out loud.

Jane Austen

I love Jane Austen, I love the books, I love the movie adaptations of her books.

They make me want to go back to England. Her characters are flawed and confused. She does the nosy Aunt so well. The stories are usually about young ladies, looking for husbands, navigating through society. The characters are always true to themselves, for better or worse.

I can’t pick a favourite, they are all great. It seems to depend on what I’m going through. How I’m feeling that on any given day will determine which heroine is my favourite at the time. Today I would say Fanny Price in Mansfield Park. You can’t go wrong with Fanny.

Or if you want to shake it up you could go for one of the reinterpretations:

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is a new love.

I had never read a Dickens’ novel until this year but always him on my list. I started with Great Expectations, then read The Old Curiosity Shop, the last one I read was Nicholas Nickleby. Dickens is so good, now I get it.

I love his characters, usually a supporting one becomes my favourite. He really makes me care and I will be reading more. Also I have my Grandmothers Dickens books and they make me feel a connection with her, she passed away over ten years ago. The books used to be in her family home when she was growing up and now they are with me.

Also some have beautiful illustrations throughout, I think there are fourteen of them which should keep me in Dickens for a very long time.

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle!

Winnie the Pooh is my favourite childhood book but here are two that I also adore. Mrs Piggle Wiggle is an older lady who parents call when they are having problems with their children. She supplies them with creative solutions and I still love the stories of children who won’t clean their room or share or eat their vegetables. Typical problems with fun solutions. I read them again last year when I had a cold and was home feeling sorry for myself. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle cheered me up.

They look a little beat up because they have been well loved over the years:

Books, Books, Books!

It was international book week last week and so this week I thought I would share some of my favourite Authors. I am also in the process of clearing clutter in my home, part of this is deciding what books to keep and which to get rid of.

This week I’ll go through keepers, the books that remind of a time or that I can read over and over. Books can evoke so many memories, open up possibilities or bring us understanding. I’ve always loved reading and so here I will start with a book I have probably read a dozen times:

“A Room With A View” by E. M. Forster

This is my favourite go to book, I can read it all the way through or reread favourite parts. I love the story of George and Lucy but my favourite character is Mr. Emerson, George’s father. With his advice of “Beware the Muddle” and stating “A resounding YES”.

The story though is really Lucy’s story. Of her navigating expectations, what she thinks, fighting heart and head to figure out who she is.

Also it makes me want to travel to Florence. Where George and Lucy meet. From Florence we return to England where Lucy is with Cecil, a total doof. George and his Father move to be close to Lucy. George is in LOVE! Lucy fights the attraction every step of the way.

The book is a wonderful story. It is also funny and the supporting cast of characters are great. If you don’t want to read it the Merchant Ivory film is fabulous.

Computer Clutter

I’ve been having problems getting my thoughts together and getting back on track with my posts and I know why. I’ve been lazy and allowed my computer to get cluttered.

I stopped filing things properly and putting things in order. I like order, I need order.

This weekend I am clearing the computer clutter and getting back on track. Getting back to having a plan and knowing what I want to write about. Not promising that this will improve my blog at all but it can’t hurt, right?

Also I need to STOP WATCHING CRAP TV. I love crap tv but lately I’ve been getting sucked into too many shows. My productivity around the house has taken a nose dive.

This weekend clear the clutter, turn the tv off and get back on track!

Wish me luck!

Big Brother

Well this week has just been sucked up by bad TV.

Tonight I had plans but got sidetracked by the premier of Survivor and the finale of Big Brother. Survivor looks like it might be good, enough ruthless people and stupid people to get me to yell at the TV.

Big Brother though I was routing for Ian. How can you not like Ian? The socially awkward Big Brother fan who kept to his original alliance, the Quack Pack, till the end. Also although I think Dan played a really good game, he annoys me. If I was on the jury I would vote for Ian. I was actually really anxious this time waiting for the winner to be announced. The last couple of Big Brother’s, although I enjoyed the show I didn’t in the end really care who won.

I love Big Brother, more than Survivor. Stuck in a house with NOTHING to do but get on each others nerves. Both I love for the people who think they have it in the bag and get all cocky. Cocky is s sure way to get voted off. My favourite player was Britney, she is funny! Very entertaining and a good player. Her downfall like so many others on the show was trusting Dan. A side note Jen annoyed the hell out of me.

In the end I think the jury was sick of Dan talking. Maybe Dan did play an amazing game but like Russell from Survivor there is only so ruthless you can be and have people forgive you. Ian WON! YAY! I’m really happy about that!

Also I saw a clip for an upcoming Dr. Phil with Robert Blake, until they said his name I didn’t even realize it was Barreta, remember Barreta? Wow Dr. Phil is really bringing the crazy this season and suddenly it looks like Dr. Phil is making a difference in my life. After the interview with Dina Lohan I’m really happy I have my Mom and now I think that after the Robert Blake episode I won’t feel crazy anymore.

I Love My Mom

What did I see that made me think that maybe, just maybe my Mom might be in the running for Mom of the year and stopped my complaining?

I may never complain about my Mom again, well okay I will but you know she’s gonna say something to get a little dig in and I’ll take it way to personally. Maybe the goodwill will last to and perhaps beyond vacationing with her in December. Probably not.

What brought about this feeling?

Dr. Phil’s interview with Dina Lohan. OMG You think she’s a mess and before the interview begins you’re expecting a train wreck but what a train wreck. The woman seems drunk or high or something. She can’t focus and she doesn’t want to answer questions. Ummm…. do you know what show you signed up for? She keeps ignoring the questions, commenting on the camera’s, looking around, asking Dr. Phil what he thinks.

I don’t think she gave one good answer. I think momentarily she tried but is incapable of giving an honest answer because maybe she has never taken the time for introspection? To figure out her role in her life? I’m not sure.

She is also not very articulate and uses the wrong words on a couple of occasions and fights Dr. Phil on the meaning. At one point she gives the camera the finger. OMG I can’t imagine my Mom doing that. I thought my Mom was queen of denial but she isn’t even close compared to Dina Lohan. Even talking about her daughter and her other kids there was no substance to anything she had to say.

Was it a good interview? No. Dr. Phil looked like he wanted to shut it down from the moment it started and I wonder if some of the other was put together after as filler. Was it entertaining in a train wreck, is this woman for real kind of way? Yes. They did talk to Michael Lohan as well, who tries to portray himself in the best light but still comes off as a total ass.

Ever wonder how Lindsay became so f-cked up? Look at her parents. No responsibility, both finger pointers, nothing their fault, there is no feeling for others. I’m sure Dina has been through some very hard times but after watching the interview it’s very hard to feel compassion for her. She needs help, that much is obvious and I hope in the next few weeks we see her going into rehab. Something needs to happen.

I don’t think she thinks anything is wrong and will still say it was editing that made her look bad. There is no way to edit that to look good. Now I feel like I have a sense of why Lindsay is the way she is and with her family unwilling to change I doubt she will.

My favourite quote from the interview “Look at you in your little tie and your little shoes…..”

I’m gonna try and use that at work, see how well it goes over.